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Tiger is a specialist creative recruitment agency for the most important and widespread disciplines under the creative umbrella, including copywriting, digital design, UI and eCommerce, among others.

No modern company in this globally connected world can afford to overlook this area of their organisation, no matter how big or small they are. Tiger is here to help build your creative team with both established experts and digital natives adept in latest innovations and brimming with ideas.

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Creative recruitment expertise

We can assist with hiring creative staff with expert knowledge in websites, blogs, social media pages, online ads, podcasts, videos and more. If you’re looking to hire a copywriter, hire a social media manager, digital designer, art director or video editor, Tiger can help.

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With decades of experience recruiting across a range of industries, we know that creative recruitment in Zurich requires – in addition to the right skillset – values alignment. From the outset, our team dedicates the time to find out what makes you and your business tick. Part of our in-depth methodology includes meeting with every candidate face-to-face, ensuring that we get that ever-important fit right.

Whether you’re looking to hire a copywriter or find a creative director, we uphold the highest standard of recruitment, taking the time to understand our candidate’s experience, portfolio and career goals. This is the only way we can ensure the candidates we place with you will fit perfectly into your organisation, no matter the company culture.


As a leading creative recruiters, we hire creative staff for a range of creative companies in media, marketing, tech and start-ups. These roles include:

Executive creative director, creative director, design director, senior art director, mid-weight art director, junior art director, head of copy, senior copywriter, mid-weight copywriter, junior copywriter, senior designer, motion designer, mid-weight designer, junior designer, eCommerce manager, game artist, mobile designer, social media manager, UI designer, video editor

Candidate sourcing

As an agency specialising in creative recruitment in Zurich, we engage in a mix of traditional and inventive sourcing methods to find the best candidates. Our consultants utilise a combination of social media, personal recommendations, industry job sites, and strategic marketing and advertising to find the perfect fit for you.

When it comes to hiring creative staff, we know how to reach both candidates who are actively and passively looking for a new role, making sure that we find the right hire for you.

Our creative experience

Tiger’s consultants have first-hand experience in a number of digital media roles, allowing us to secure the best hires for your business.

Furthermore, our 20+ years honing the craft of attracting, vetting and matching candidates to our clients’ specifications means you can be confident your search for the perfect fit is in very capable hands.

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