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As a personal assistant, to say you complete a plethora of different tasks would be an understatement. While it may seem overwhelming at times, technology can help to complete some of these tasks quickly and efficiently. From managing diaries to arranging events and transport, embracing new technology can serve to increase productivity and reduce errors. As one of the leading job agencies, we’ve put together three technology trends and tools to help you in your day-to-day working life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Certain tasks can be repetitive and time-consuming. By using specific AI technologies, however, you can reduce how much time is spent on these, enabling you to focus on more strategic tasks. Using AI can also help to reduce the risk of human error, such as double-booking meetings or buying plane tickets on the wrong day. Technologies like, for example, can schedule multiple calendars and coordinate optimal times for meetings for you[1]. The software responds to meeting requests via email and suggests times that suit all participants based on time zones, time between meetings and your principal’s desired meeting time.

In a trend report conducted by Advanced[2] in 2019, 34% of administrative professionals stated that they have some exposure to AI technologies on a daily basis (up from 26% in 2018), thus proving it’s becoming more popular.

Specialised cloud software

Specialised cloud software offers a number of benefits and is generally easy to use, with one benefit being increased flexibility. As a PA with a busy schedule, cloud software allows you to access your files from anywhere in the world.

Cloud software is also better for the environment compared to a paper-based system[3]. Where you may have previously churned through hundreds of sheets of paper a week when reporting, managing expenses or arranging travel, using cloud software can minimise this. This could be using something as simple as Google Drive, or a more specialised system like Workday (finance) or Splunk (IT).

Collaboration software

Good communication is essential. You’re required to liaise with a number of different people internally and externally, so using collaborative applications and software could make your job significantly easier. Applications such as Slack[4] allow you to share files and receive responses from colleagues instantly. Individual or group conversations are possible – and everything is searchable in Slack so you can quickly catch up on past conversations.

As you can see from the above list, embracing technology when completing your daily tasks may prove to be extremely beneficial for your overall productivity. It will also free up your time to work on tasks that require a human touch, like managing an office move, or communicating with your Principal’s clients.

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Written by Beckie Jordan for Advanced

Author Jane Leese Tiger Recruitment Team

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