The benefits of private seasonal employment

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Seasonal employment is a fantastic option for those looking to build a flexible lifestyle, providing a chance to earn extra income and increase your career knowledge without committing to a full-time role. In the private sector, seasonal jobs can range from three months in a ski chalet as a stewardess, to six months working on a yacht or looking after a summer estate as temporary household staff.

These opportunities present plenty of benefits, not least the chance to shake up your routine! In recognition of Tiger Private now recruiting for private temporary and seasonal roles, we’re looking at the reasons you may want to embrace contract jobs or temporary work.

1. Added flexibility

Contract work, such as ski season jobs or yacht jobs, is, by definition, conducted on a short-term basis, meaning you don’t have to commit to ongoing work. As a stewardess, you could work on a yacht sailing the Mediterranean over summer, and then head to the French Alps to work in a ski chalet over the winter, introducing a wide variety of tasks and ensuring that not two days are the same!

2. Potential for international travel

Most seasonal jobs are based overseas, catering for a UNHWI’s holiday estate or secondary residence. As such, seasonal staff often have the chance to be based internationally and on days off, can explore a completely new country! If based on a yacht, this could mean exploring somewhere new every few days as you travel from place to place.

3. Develop your skills

Temp work presents an opportunity to expand your skillset. Working in a different team in a different environment means you can pick up knowledge that you can then use in future roles. What’s more, many of these soft skills are transferable to other industries, including communication, flexibility, remaining calm under pressure and problem solving. In the private industry, working seasonally is always a welcome addition to any CV!

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4. Variety

No day is the same with seasonal employment. The sheer variety of tasks means you’ll be doing something completely different every day and will be required to think on your feet, taking a flexible approach to often-urgent situations. In an estate, you may be required to host a three-day event, while as yacht crew, your location can change literally overnight! Whatever the type of work, there’s always a new challenge to overcome.

5. Added income

Most obviously, seasonal jobs allow you to earn some extra income in and amongst other commitments throughout the year. If you’re waiting for a new permanent role to start, or have some time off between working and studying, temping jobs can present a fantastic opportunity to raise some extra revenue, while also picking up some useful experience along the way. Most ski jobs or superyacht jobs, as well as private household roles, are live-in, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying rent. Coupled with the potential for tips, it’s a great way to bolster your bank balance.

Tiger Private is a private household recruitment agency that undertakes temporary and seasonal hiring. So, if you’re looking for a seasonal job hiring immediately, or a ski season job, please get in touch!

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