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Many HNW private households experience similar issues, when it comes to the employment of private household staff. These include an unclear delineation of duties, poor communication among staff, disjointed teams, and a lack of structure around staff rotas. Tiger Private’s household consultancy delivers detailed, tailored guidance around household staffing structures to help private households improve staff retention, boost morale, and improve efficiency and operating procedures across one or multiple properties.

Common issues faced by HNW households

Our in-house expertise and wealth of experience means that we are perfectly placed to address issues that impact the seamless running of private households.

  • High staff turnover
  • Staff having an unclear understanding of duties affecting the quality of work and leading to time being wasted
  • Inconsistencies across different properties in a Principal’s portfolio
  • A lack of knowledge surrounding industry best practices for private staff salaries and working hours
  • Disjointed teams and poor communication among staff
  • A poor work culture resulting in reduced staff morale
  • A lack of guidance in creating optimal rotas
  • Skills gaps that affect the smooth running of households

How it works

Our experienced and discreet team will take a detailed brief that outlines the current structure of your estate/s. We will then develop a plan for you. This may involve engaging an experienced chief of staff or estate manager, with relevant expertise in a previous position, to coordinate the new structure.

Once the new structure is in place, you can expect to see improved retention and morale in your staff, better service consistency between multiple properties, and a reduction in staff training and recruitment costs. As part of a global group of companies with an extensive network of specialists, we’re perfectly equipped to partner with you and achieve long-term success.

The Process

1. The brief
Initiate the process on a briefing call with an experienced consultant. This preliminary discussion serves as a platform to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges your household is facing.

2. Analysis
Following the initial consultation, your consultant delves into a detailed analysis of your household dynamics. This involves a meticulous examination to identify the root causes of the issues at hand.

3. Proposal
Your consultant will provide expert advice on how to move forward. For more complex challenges, Tiger Private can deploy an experienced senior household staff member to work closely with your Principal and staff.

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more about our household consultancy, or unsure whether it’s the right option for you, please don’t hesitate to email, or phone +44 20 7917 1803.

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