A moden silver sports car in front of a building. Unique and generic sports car design. Designed and modelled entirely by myself. Very high resolution 3D render. All markings are ficticious.



Chris offers a comprehensive 5-star storage and car concierge service for owners and collectors of high-value classic cars and supercars. Based at the UK’s finest storage facility, a modern, high-security 40,000 ft. building west of Heathrow, his company cares for over 150 cars for clients all over the world. He oversees all the details to ensure their cars are ready to go, wherever and whenever they are needed. They also offer a wide range of logistics and administration services including:

import/export, registration, transport and shipping, restoration and repair management, valeting and detailing, valuations and appraisals, car sourcing and advice on building a collection and car sales.

The company can even organise exclusive track days and tours in the UK, Europe and the US, including highly sought-after locations like Monaco, Tuscany and Lake Como where clients can get the most out of their vehicle.


Chris can advise on all things classic cars: from building a collection from the ground up to specialist advice on the logistics of owning and maintaining classic cars. In addition, he has access to a high-security storage space for luxury vehicles and can organise all the details around ensuring a car is ready and waiting, wherever you are in the world.