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If you are looking to employ a fixed-term contractor or permanent employee in the UK, without the infrastructure of an in-house payroll system, we can assist.

Our comprehensive employer of record (EOR) service, incorporating a PAYE payroll system, is available to businesses and private individuals.

What does it include?

Our EOR offer is a bespoke provision that can either be used alongside our recruitment search or as a standalone service. Once you have selected someone to join your team, we can relieve you of the administrative onboarding processes.

Depending on the extent of your needs, this can encompass reference checks, background checks (such as DBS checks), drafting bespoke employment contracts and setting up payroll, incorporating tax calculations, statutory pay, bonus and pension payments.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for someone to be paid weekly or monthly, we’ll ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time, while you remain compliant with UK legal requirements.

The Process

Our EOR service is completely bespoke, tailored to each individual requirement.

  • Brief us on your needs, including terms of engagement and timeframes of employment.
  • Introduce us to the prospective employee, in the event we have not sourced the individual on your behalf.
  • We will liaise directly with the candidate to source references and background checks, if required, along with their Right to Work.
  • We will share relevant paperwork and a bespoke employment contract with the candidate, outlining their probationary period, salary, notice period and employment terms.
  • Once paperwork is returned, the employee will be set up on our payroll system. They can be paid weekly or monthly and, should you prefer an online timesheet system, we can also arrange this.

The benefits

A range of companies and private individuals use our EOR service, finding value in its flexibility, ease of use and bespoke nature.

In addition to freeing up resources, it allows you to bypass several onboarding administrative processes, ensuring that employees are paid quickly and efficiently.

By engaging us as an employer of record, you can also avoid any fines and penalties for failure to meet PAYE compliance regulations. You will remain legally compliant throughout the hiring process.

If and when you take your payroll services in-house, we are more than happy to transfer employees across to your systems.

Tiger’s EOR service can save you time, streamline your onboarding and make your hiring processes even more flexible. Get in touch to find out how we can help today.

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