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Hiring a Chauffeur

Hire a chauffeur in London and enjoy the privacy and security a private driver affords. We specialise in hiring chauffeurs in London, regional UK and internationally. From permanent placements through to short-term temporary positions, if you would like to hire a personal driver, we’re uniquely placed to match your unique requirements.

What is a Chauffeur?

A chauffeur, or private driver, is responsible for the safe transport of a family or individual via car. They are expected to have an advanced knowledge of best-driving practice, as well as the area in which they work, ensuring an efficient route time and time again. For example, if you were to hire a chauffeur in London, they would need to know how to avoid traffic and be able to adapt their route quickly when presented with delays.

When you hire a personal driver, you should expect them to be an exceptional timekeeper, have a can-do attitude, be extremely flexible, remain calm under pressure and operate intuitively, understanding unspoken cues and directives. They should also be immaculately presented at all times.

A great chauffeur may also possess strong lifestyle knowledge, with an understanding of outstanding hotels, restaurants and other lifestyle locations.

Chauffeur Recruitment

If you’re looking to hire a personal driver, the expert team at Tiger Private can help. We are dedicated to finding high-calibre candidates for your household and understand the unique requirements that a personal chauffer should satisfy. Each consultant has extensive experience in this area and understands the need for discretion. As such, all of our candidates are screened, tested and reference checked; we are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if required.

Our pool of family drivers come from a variety of professional backgrounds, with a range of skills and experience. Along with their professional credentials, we consider our candidates’ core values, ensuring full transparency throughout the entire process.

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Finding The Right Chauffeur Candidate

When we undertake personal chauffeur recruitment, we take a bespoke approach, ensuring that the candidates you meet are of the highest standard and satisfy your requirements. Our private family drivers and personal chauffeurs are available in London, around the UK and internationally. So, no matter the location or job description, we can find the private chauffeur for you.

Hire a personal driver

If you’re looking to hire a personal driver, get in contact today. We interview each of our candidates face to face or by video, to ensure they meet your criteria. They are also reference checked and can sign NDAs, if required. From permanent placements through to last-minute temporary assignments, we can help.

Hire a personal driver

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire a personal driver UK?

Tiger Private recruits for a range of driving roles, including private personal chauffeurs and family chauffeurs. If you’re based in London, the UK and internationally and you are looking to hire a personal driver we can help you find the perfect person for the role for your family office or private household.

How much does it cost to hire a driver UK?

A chauffeur driven car will cost anything between £41-£58 ph.

How do I hire a driver?

Hiring a driver is a seamless process when completed with a specialist recruitment agency who have a network of suitable candidates. If you’re looking to hire a driver, get in touch with Tiger Private to arrange a consultation call. At this point, one of our consultants will discuss the specific requirements like qualifications, spoken languages and years of experience that you are looking for. We can also advise on a job description and assist with interviewing techniques if required.

From there, we take a bespoke approach to collating a shortlist of suitable candidates for you. Once you have met with your preferred person, we can present you offer to them and coordinate the logistics of start date.

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