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A private chef prepares, cooks and plates meals for a private household. This role can be live-in or live-out and the scope of the chef’s duties depends entirely on the individual. This could mean preparing daily meals for your family, catering for dinner parties, overseeing larger events or simply coming in on a temporary basis as a private chef for a night. Alongside cooking, a private chef will generally also buy groceries and plan out menus for your family.

We have access to a database of excellent private chefs in London and abroad, specialising in a variety of different cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a Michelin-star chef or someone with experience cooking for UHNWI, we can source the perfect candidate.


We recruit temporary seasonal staff for your private household or holiday stay. From booking a London private chef for a dinner party to sourcing an exceptional cook for a ski season or Mediterranean summer villa, Tiger Private’s temp division can help.

Our temp private chefs possess extensive experience working with UHNWI in private households and most are very happy to travel with you, no matter where you are in the world.

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All of our chef candidates are screened face-to-face, background-checked and reference-checked – but the process of finding a private chef is much more than what’s on paper. Sourcing the perfect fit involves matching the right personality to your household too.  Be assured that our private consultants use their extensive expertise and knowledge when curating the bespoke shortlist for your private chef at home. From there, we will organise an in-person trial with your final-stage candidates so you can get to know them and sample their food first-hand.

In addition to private chefs, Tiger Private recruits for a variety of domestic and private staff.

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Whether you're looking for a private chef or chef for your restaurant, we can source the perfect candidate

Recruiting restaurant chefs

Recruiting restaurant chefs

As one of the leading head chef recruitment agencies in London, we make sure to meet all chefs before we put them forward for a role so we can be sure of the right fit in your kitchen. If your establishment is in London, we’ll visit you first before we send over our shortlist, to better understand the kitchen staff and fit. If you’re looking for a chef in regional UK or internationally, we will talk to you about the fit and experience that suits.

We recruit temporary chef and permanent chef positions, so whether you’re looking for a long-term placement or just looking to hire kitchen staff on a short-term basis, we’ll find the perfect candidate for you.


The role of a chef is broad and can refer to different levels of superiority and or specialities within a commercial kitchen. They can be responsible for prepping, cooking or plating food for customers, with their levels of seniority wide-ranging. We can assist with helping you recruit head chefs, executive chefs, sous chefs, chefs de partie, station chefs and more.

If yours is a large kitchen, we also work with more specialised candidates like pastry chefs, sauce chefs, fish chefs, vegetable chefs, meat chefs, pantry chefs, fry chefs or grill chefs. These titles may also be referred to by their French titles in some kitchens. Regardless of what you’re looking for, whether it be Michelin Star chef recruitment or general hire of kitchen staff, we can help.

Tiger Hospitality can support you in both the UK and the US. Whether you’re looking for an executive chef for a café in Shoreditch, or a sous chef for a luxury hotel in New York, our exceptional chef candidates are based around the globe and waiting for your call.


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