The butler role is incredibly varied and exact requirements depend on the needs of each private household. Responsibilities can be incredibly diverse, encompassing silver service; valet; care of silver and fine china; wardrobe management; travel packing; meeting and greeting of residents and guests; training and management of other staff; driving; and in some cases, travelling with the Principal and their family.

A butler may be male or female and will possess excellent communication skills alongside a positive attitude to a demanding workload. They will share the high standards of the household for appearances and service. In addition to the immaculate presentation of the property, butlers for private households take their personal appearance seriously at all times.

A private butler is much more than a traditional household staff member. They possess a unique blend of skills, including exceptional organisational abilities, impeccable attention to detail, and refined interpersonal skills. In addition to their regular duties, a butler may be responsible for training and managing other household staff; ensuring that schedules are being followed alongside exemplary cleanliness / safety standards are being met.

A butler will be prepared to take on responsibilities outside of their traditional realm when needed or when the unpredictable strikes. Above all, a good butler will be able to always maintain expert professionalism.


We take our candidates’ core values into account when matching them with employers in order to ensure the best possible fit.

Hiring a butler

If you’re looking to hire a butler, the accomplished team at Tiger Private can help match you with a butler for your specific requirements. As a leading butler recruitment agency, we specialise in sourcing high quality candidates for your household and know what to look for when recruiting butlers in London and further afield.

Some things to consider when hiring a butler:

  • Do you require a temporary/contract butler or would you prefer to hire someone permanently?
  • Do you require them to manage staff?
  • Will there be a need for travel?
  • What will their key responsibilities look like on a day-to-day basis?
  • Will they live in or out?

Our expert team will be very happy to help draft a job description, advise on salaries and even payroll someone for your household, if that is helpful. No two butler roles will be the same, so we adopt a highly bespoke approach to ensure we find the right candidate for you.

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Our approach to each butler recruitment brief is unique and tailored to your requirements. It goes without saying that our Tiger Private consultants are experts in this space and understand the need for discretion. All of our butler candidates are screened, and reference checked, and we are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if required.

Our butlers possess a wide range of skills and experience.


We take a bespoke approach to butler recruiting, ensuring that the candidates you meet are of the highest standard and have relevant experience. Our butlers are available in London, around the UK and internationally.

If you’re looking to hire a private butler, you can do so on a permanent or temporary basis depending on your needs. Tiger Private has a dedicated temp division, so we can also assist with hiring temporary butlers. If your Principal is a frequent traveller, a temporary butler could be an ideal solution to ensure a first-class experience when away from home. A temporary butler can also elevate a dinner party or celebratory occasion, to ensure that all the guests are looked after properly.

If you require a dedicated butler on a permanent basis, Tiger can help you find a candidate with a wealth of experience who will be able to seamlessly fit in. Hiring a permanent butler can be particularly advantageous if your Principal enjoys a social household, hosts dinner parties and other events, or lives a busy lifestyle that requires extensive organisation and coordination.

Whether you require a permanent butler or a temporary one, Tiger Private will be able to match you with the right candidate that is uniquely tailored to your needs. So, no matter the location or job description, we can find the butler for you.

Live in or live out?

If you live in a more rural setting, it might make sense to hire a live-in butler. This means that they will live on the property and their salary will be reflected as such. Live-in butler roles are highly sought after in recent years, following the pandemic and cost-of-living crises. This means that you might have an edge on being able to attract the very best candidates.

Live-out butler roles are also common, where they commute to your property from home. Live-out roles are more common in cities or where the property might not be as large as a rural estate.


Butler Job Description Template

Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the Butler recruitment process, get in touch today!

How can hiring a butler help me?

The role of a butler is varied and unique from role to role. Usually, butler responsibilities include silver service; valet; care of silver and fine china; wardrobe management; travel packing; meeting and greeting of residents and guests; training and management of other staff; and some driving if the household does not employ a chauffeur. Butlers also possess significant knowledge of high-end service, floristry, wines, art, coffees and teas, as well as cocktail making.

Do you only recruit for butlers based in London?

Our highly experienced private recruitment team recruits for butlers based in London, across the UK and internationally. You can find contact details for our UK and overseas offices here.

How to hire a butler?

Hiring a butler is a seamless process when completed with a specialist recruitment agency who have a network of suitable candidates. If you’re looking to hire a butler, get in touch with Tiger Private to arrange a consultation call. At this point, one of our consultants will discuss the specific requirements like qualifications, spoken languages and years of experience that you are looking for. We can also advise on a job description and assist with interviewing techniques if required. Depending on whether you’d prefer to hire a live-in butler or not, we can advise on salary and employment package.

From there, we take a bespoke approach to collating a shortlist of suitable candidates for you. Once you have met with your preferred person, we can present your offer to them and coordinate the logistics of start date.

How much does it cost to hire a butler?

A butler’s salary depends on whether they are working on a permanent or temporary basis, the number of years of experience that they have, and whether they live-in or out. Butlers with international experience, fluency in multiple languages and 10+ years of experience can command salaries of up to £150,000 in the UK.

Looking for a butler job?

Are you looking for your next role as a permanent or temporary butler? If you have three+ years of experience and are open to roles in the UK and/or internationally, we would love to hear from you. You can view all our current open butler jobs. Alternatively, if you can’t see anything open right now that you would be interested in, you can submit your details and CV.

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