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Close up of a gardener's gloved hands as they dig into soil.

What is a gardener

When looking to hire a gardener it’s crucial to understand what duties they are responsible for and whether they are required in your household. A gardener is an individual that will take care of flowers, plants and all forms of vegetation, as well as all the outdoor spaces the principal owns, including a park, garden or landscape.

The functionality of green spaces and making sure these areas are maintained is the primary focus of a gardener. They should have expert understanding of horticulture and botany so they recognise the correct environments for each plant. A gardener’s duties include various tasks such as landscaping, watering, planting, clearing up outside spaces (weeding) and pest control. In comparison, landscaping requires a more experienced gardener as they’ll be responsible for elements like decorative features, installing fences and paths and general maintenance of the client’s outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking to hire a gardener, our experienced team at Tiger Private can assist you depending on your specific requirements.

What to consider when hiring a gardener:

  • Do you need short or long-term garden staff?
  • What will their daily tasks or bigger projects be?
  • Will the gardener need to travel?
  • Do you require the gardener to manage staff or will they report to someone else?

Our team can advise on these considerations with you and help you draft your job description to make sure you are hiring a gardener for your exact needs.

Get in touch today, no matter the location or requirements we can find a gardener for you.

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Gardener recruitment

Gardener recruitment

If you’re wondering how to hire a gardener for your household staff, Tiger Private can help. When supporting clients, our consultants curate bespoke recruitment briefs to match the talent to the exact need. With a strong eye for detail, no stone is left unturned.

Our pool of gardener’s possess a wide range of experience so we can find the right fit for your home.

Finding the right gardener candidate

When looking for a gardener, it’s important to take a careful approach to ensure you hire someone who matches your needs. Our private gardeners are available in London, around the UK and internationally. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent gardener, our expert team at Tiger will curate a bespoke approach to match you with the right candidates, tailored exactly to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions. For any further questions about our recruitment process, please get in touch.

How can hiring a gardener help me?

A gardener can possess many different skills sets which can be used in various projects. It’s important to clarify before hiring a gardener what specific skills you require. If you’re looking to transform an outside space whether that’s a park, garden or landscape, a gardener with expertise in horticulture and landscaping would be ideal. A gardener on the other hand, will manage daily tasks like planting, weeding and tidying the garden. Hiring a gardener takes time away from you if you have a busy lifestyle and gives you more to time to actually enjoy your garden.

Do you only recruit gardeners based in London?

Our private recruitment team recruit gardeners in London, the UK and internationally. Any further questions you have about our international recruitment you can find our contact details here.

How to hire a gardener?

If you’re looking to hire a gardener, using a recruitment agency can ensure it is a seamless process. If you’re looking for a gardener our Tiger Private team will be able to assist you, get in touch to arrange a consultation call. Our consultants will create a bespoke experience to make sure we’re matching candidates to your exact needs, the consultants will discuss qualifications, experience, desired skillset and any other specific requirements.

We can help you with every step of the journey, from assisting with the job description to shortlisting candidates and presenting your preferred gardener with the offer and coordinating start dates.

How much does it cost to hire a gardener?

This is dependent on the experience of the gardener and the size of land they will be responsible for. A UK gardener’s salary can range from £40,000 – £45,000 per year. If the gardener is charged per hour, it ranges from £33 to £41 p.h.