Jane Leese

Head of Zurich Office

Jane’s 20 years in the recruitment industry make her one of our most experienced team members, and a great source of advice and insights. As the Head of Tiger Zurich, Jane draws on her knowledge of the permanent, contract and temporary markets for finance, business support and tech positions across Switzerland. Her love for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of recruitment makes her a dynamic and motivating colleague, and she’s always eager to mentor junior teammates by sharing her hard-earned tips.

After moving to Zurich several years ago, Jane has developed a leading knowledge of the Swiss market, becoming a valued recruitment partner to renowned, global banking and financial businesses.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

My laugh is apparently very distinctive and highly contagious!


+41 (0) 79 422 71 22

Latest Insights by Jane Leese

Four things you should be including in your graduate onboarding process

Onboarding can make or break an employee’s experience when starting a new role. Research by Gallup found that only 12% of “employees strongly agree their workplace does a great job of onboarding new employees.” [1] Considering a great onboarding experience can improve employee retention rates by 82%, neglecting these process can be both costly and

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Three Ways an Office Manager Can Help Onboard New Staff

When it comes to onboarding, the office manager’s job isn’t just about setting up a new starter’s computer, phone and official documents. They are in the unique position of working across all departments, so should also play an integral role in the successful onboarding of new employees through more informal means. We recommend partnering with

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Five secrets to winning over your chosen candidate

Regardless of the market, finding the perfect candidate for the role can be tough. To ensure you win the affections of your chosen star, stick to these five rules: 1. Become an employer of choice Becoming an employer of choice is as much about branding as it is about simply being a fantastic company to

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Hiring household staff

If you’re thinking of hiring domestic staff to take on some of the burden of running a household, we can help. In this blog we’ll take you through each step of the hiring process, from identifying your household support needs, to creating a job description, interviewing, and finally recruiting experienced staff. 1. Assess Business Needs

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How to hire a virtual assistant

How to Hire a VA Regardless of whether you’re engaging a recruitment agency or going through the process yourself, knowing how to hire a virtual assistant (VA) is key to successful virtual assistant recruitment. Before you start, follow the steps outlined below to ensure you’re fully prepared. 1. Document Tasks For Virtual Assistant To Take

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AI and Automation: HR’s Evolution into the Future

The world of Human Resources (HR) is rapidly evolving, and at the forefront of this transformation are two game-changing technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. As we venture deeper into the digital age, HR professionals and hiring managers find themselves on the cusp of a revolution that promises to improve processes, elevate candidate experiences, and

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