Jane Leese

Head of Zurich Office

Jane’s 20 years in the recruitment industry make her one of our most experienced team members, and a great source of advice and insights. As the Head of Tiger Zurich, Jane draws on her knowledge of the permanent, contract and temporary markets for finance, business support and tech positions across Switzerland. Her love for the fast-paced, ever-changing world of recruitment makes her a dynamic and motivating colleague, and she’s always eager to mentor junior teammates by sharing her hard-earned tips.

After moving to Zurich several years ago, Jane has developed a leading knowledge of the Swiss market, becoming a valued recruitment partner to renowned, global banking and financial businesses.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

My laugh is apparently very distinctive and highly contagious!


+41 (0) 79 422 71 22

Latest Insights by Jane Leese

In Review: Zunfthaus zur Waag

The Basics Münsterhof 8, 8001 Zürich Snapshot The Zunfthaus zur Waag, based in the heart of Zurich’s old town, is one of the hottest addresses in the city when it comes to Swiss cuisine. From classic “Züri Geschnätzlets” with Rösti to “Kalbsleberli”, this guildhall combines all Swiss culinary classics. The restaurant offers an authentic piece

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Five tech innovations you should know – and how businesses are using them

This year has already shown how exciting the future of technology is and the enormous potential it holds for humanity. Technological advancements are coming in thick and fast, transforming the way we live, interact and work. If you work in tech and are hiring digital staff, you’ll already be well aware! No matter how hard you

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Five Essential Personal Assistant Tools

Personal assistants may be known for their resourcefulness and can-do attitude, but even the best rely on a little help from smart tech to boost their productivity. These online services are becoming more and more vital with the rise of remote-working PAs and EAs. As a PA you’ll build up your own personal toolkit to

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Writing a personal assistant CV

Are you looking to kick-start a career as a personal assistant? Do you have the perfect skillset for this challenging role, but can’t quite put it into words? We’ve all been there – it can be tricky to write about yourself in a way that shows off your best qualities. That’s why we’ve put together

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How to write a personal assistant CV profile

After searching far and wide, you’ve found the ideal personal assistant job to apply for. You have the traits required of a great PA, and you’ve made sure they’re all listed clearly your CV. But before you hit that apply button, there’s one more area that needs close attention if you want to stand out

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What does a Personal Assistant do?

Five key PA duties explained If you’re considering a move into a personal assistant job, you’ve come to the right place. Tiger has specialised in securing jobseekers their dream PA role for over two decades, so our understanding of the position is second to none. PA roles and responsibilities have been highly valued across a

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