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Private Practice Recruitment Specialists in the UAE

Tiger Recruitment is a market-leading private practice legal recruitment agency, specialising in connecting law firms with exceptional legal talent. Our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive network of legal professionals enable us to provide bespoke recruitment solutions. We are committed to understanding the specific needs of each of our clients, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet your needs effectively.

Our expert private practice recruiters will source candidates that not only meet the role requirements but will also be a great fit for your company culture. This comprehensive approach helps us ensure that each placement is a success. Some of the roles we fill include Associate Attorney, Paralegal, Legal Secretary, and Senior Legal Counsel, among others.
We’re here to simplify the entire recruitment process. From presenting you with a list of vetted candidates to advising on salaries to aftercare, we provide ongoing support and insights at every step. This dedication is what has allowed us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Operating out of Dubai, our team is well-equipped to source private practice professionals across the Middle East, including Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We also have offices in London, New York, and Zurich to support your international recruitment needs.

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What is Private Practice Legal Recruitment?

What is Private Practice Legal Recruitment?

Private practice legal recruitment is the process of finding, evaluating, and hiring skilled legal professionals specifically for private law firms. These firms require a variety of roles to be filled, from Junior Associates to Senior Partners, across different areas of law like corporate, tax, family, or real estate. Recruiters focus on identifying candidates with the right skills, experience, and personal fit for these private practice roles.

Private practice recruitment ensures that law firms have the expertise needed to offer excellent legal services, manage their cases efficiently, and maintain competitiveness in the legal market. By matching the right candidates with the right roles, recruiters help private practices operate successfully.

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Understanding What Legal Private Practice Covers

Understanding What Legal Private Practice Covers

Private practices can specialise in specific areas of law, helping clients with issues related to family or corporate law, for example. These firms can also offer a broad range of legal services, with specialised professionals in different departments to manage various types of legal matters.

Here are a few of the key areas that private practices can cover:

Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence happens when a healthcare provider doesn’t meet the required standard of care, leading to medical errors, misdiagnoses, or harm to the patient. In these cases, patients will turn to clinical negligence lawyers for help. These lawyers help patients file claims against healthcare providers or institutions to get compensation for the harm they’ve suffered.

Asset Finance

Asset finance is a way for businesses or individuals to secure funding for purchasing assets, often using those assets as collateral. This can include anything from business equipment like machinery to larger assets like ships or aircrafts. Lawyers in asset finance help by structuring and negotiating the financing agreements, ensuring they are legally sound and that all risks are managed.


Private practices specialising in family law help individuals with legal issues related to family relationships, such as divorce, child custody, and adoption. Due to the nature of these cases, lawyers in this specialty need strong interpersonal skills and the ability to handle sensitive situations with empathy and discretion.

Tax & Trusts

Tax and trusts law deals with regulations concerning taxes and the management of trusts and estates. Lawyers specialising in this area help clients plan and manage their finances in a way that complies with tax laws and maximises financial benefits. They often assist in drafting wills, setting up trusts, and advising on estate planning to ensure efficient transfer and protection of assets.

Real Estate

Real estate law, also known as property law, deals with the buying, selling, leasing, and planning of commercial or residential land and buildings. Real estate lawyers focus on issues related to property, from due diligence to financing to handling disputes.


Corporate law deals with the laws and regulations that govern the creation, merging, acquisition, and operation of companies. Corporate lawyers help companies follow these laws, advise on legal issues, and help with agreements and contracts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you’re looking to hire a specialist legal professional, Tiger Recruitment has you covered. Simply fill in our hire request form and we’ll start working on your requirements.

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Key Skills and Qualities We Look for

Key Skills and Qualities We Look for

We use our extensive network and advanced sourcing tools to thoroughly check each candidate. During the vetting process, we don’t just look at their experience. We also consider other important skills and qualities that show they can succeed in a private practice setting.

Below are some of the key skills and qualities we focus on when selecting candidates for private practice roles:

Legal Acumen and Analytical Skills

We prioritise candidates who have strong legal expertise and analytical skills because these are crucial for creating effective legal strategies and solutions. Candidates must hold any relevant qualifications and licenses, as well as have practical experience to ensure they can effectively meet your clients’ needs. We look for a history of successfully managing complex legal issues and the ability to think critically under pressure.

Communication and Client Management

Effective communication is essential for lawyers, which is why we focus on this skill in our recruitment process. Lawyers must be able to simplify complex legal ideas for clients and work closely with them to ensure their needs are met. Candidates who demonstrate strong communication skills often have experience managing client relationships, showing they can build trust and effectively negotiate on behalf of clients.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We look for candidates who work effectively with others, including clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders. This critical skill leads to more effective problem-solving, often improving the outcomes of legal projects. We use different techniques to assess a candidate’s collaborative and teamwork skills, such as performing reference checks and asking behavioral questions during the initial screening.


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Challenges and Opportunities in Private Practice Recruitment

Challenges and Opportunities in Private Practice Recruitment

We recognise that the landscape of private practice legal recruitment presents unique challenges and opportunities. Our expertise allows us to navigate these complexities, ensuring we attract and retain the best talent.

Navigating Competition in the Market

The legal field is a highly competitive, candidate-driven market, making it challenging for private practices to attract top talent. We understand the expectations and preferences of candidates when it comes to potential employers. With this knowledge, we can guide you on offering competitive salaries, appealing benefits, and a positive work environment, helping your firm stand out and attract the ideal candidates for your roles.

Embracing Technology in Recruitment

The recruitment industry is increasingly using automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to match and screen candidates more efficiently. At Tiger Recruitment, we blend these advanced technologies with the expertise of our experienced recruiters. This combined approach helps us connect the right candidates with the right roles quickly and effectively.

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Why Tiger Legal for your Private Practice Legal Recruitment?

Why Tiger Legal for your Private Practice Legal Recruitment?

When you choose Tiger Recruitment, you partner with a team of specialist legal recruiters.

Extensive Market Experience

With years of experience, we have successfully partnered with top law firms across the Middle East. Our established presence in the region gives us unique insights and an extensive network, allowing us to efficiently meet your recruitment needs with high-quality legal professionals.

Flexible staffing Solutions

Whether you need permanent staff to build a long-term team or temporary professionals to manage peak periods, we can source the right talent for you. Our ability to adapt to your firm’s changing needs ensures that you always have the best legal staff.

Tailored Recruitment Strategies

At Tiger Recruitment, we don’t just fill vacancies. By understanding the specific dynamics of your firm and the legal industry, we tailor our recruitment strategies to fit your unique requirements. This is what makes us a trusted recruitment partner in the legal sector.


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