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Thank you for choosing Tiger Recruitment to assist you in your job hunt. Submitting your details with us means that it’s even easier for you to be notified of upcoming opportunities as and when they become available. Once you’ve completed your profile and uploaded your CV, your information will be stored in our central database. We use this as part of our candidate search process, so it’s well worth submitting your details – even if you’ve already applied for jobs directly.

We know that your time is precious so if you don’t want to complete all the fields, that’s okay. Please know that the more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to find you in a targeted shortlist search.

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If we feel that we can assist you with your search, a consultant will be in touch with you by email or over the phone. You may then be invited to meet with us to complete your candidate registration. Please bear in mind that on coming in to meet us, we are legally obliged to identify you. We do this by taking a copy of your passport or driving license at interview. We will also need a copy of a utility bill to confirm your address.
If we don’t have any suitable opportunities at that time, your CV will be kept on file. It is recommended that you continue to check the website for new vacancies and apply for any that you feel are suitable.



Your details will be kept on our database in accordance with data protection laws. We promise not to share your details with anyone before asking your permission to do so. We take privacy very seriously – feel free to read our policy here.

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