Four ways to attract international talent in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia

If you’re looking to recruit in Saudi Arabia, you’ll likely be aiming to attract as many job seekers as possible. While candidates living in Saudi will be aware of the benefits of living and working in the country, it’s crucial to emphasise these to international candidates. If you’re working with a great PA recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia already, they will probably be making their candidates aware of these themselves. However, if you’re undertaking the hiring directly, consider what will attract candidates to the country and make sure you highlight these benefits in the hiring process!

Business is booming

While Dubai is the city that usually springs to mind when considering business centres in the region, we believe that Saudi Arabia will be a serious contender in 2020. We’ve seen an increase in business activity in the country, which in turn provides a perfect opportunity for international candidates’ future prospects and earning potential. When interviewing, emphasise any possibilities for progression and salary increases, as this will attract those who are looking to settle in the area on a long-term basis.

Laws are relaxing

International talent may be hesitant to move into the country as some consider former laws to be more conservative. This is now changing. For example, foreign women no longer need to wear abayas, which may make these candidates from overseas more comfortable. The Saudi government will continue to relax other laws in 2020 to appeal to foreigners, like the ability for unmarried couples to stay in hotels and the introduction of mixed-gender concerts.

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Strong expat community

If your hire is moving from overseas, it’s worth mentioning the growing expat community in Riyadh – it’s arguably bigger than in Dubai! Therefore, someone moving to the city may find it easier to develop their social networks in Riyadh compared to other cities in the region. Building a social life will help your employees to develop that all-important support from outside their business and thrive in their new environment.

Salary packages

If you’re one of the many employers looking to hire international candidates, make sure the salary is clearly communicated on the job specification, job ads and throughout the interview process.  Whether you’re offering a competitive salary in conjunction with benefits like flight allowances, or you’re throwing in additional training once they’re in the role, these perks will all help to make the role more attractive to those moving from overseas.

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Author Zahra Clark Tiger Recruitment Team

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