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A temporary worker carrying a tray of drinks on a yacht towards a principal and their family.

Domestic temporary, contract and seasonal staff can offer benefits beyond leave cover or busier periods – there are plenty of situations where having an extra pair of hands can prove helpful. With an established temporary division, Tiger Private has an ever-growing database of temporary and seasonal chefs, chauffeurs, housekeepers, live-in couples, nannies and other private support staff who are available for a night, weekend, month or even in a temp-to-perm capacity.

If you’re a chief of staff or private PA and responsible for your principal’s staffing requirements, understanding where temporary staff could help can be harder than first thought. As former private PAs and lifestyle managers, our expert team have plenty of experience in ensuring that you have the right levels of support. Here’s our comprehensive guide to hiring temporary staff for a private occasion:

For a weekend away…

Whether it’s a shooting or fishing weekend, or a culinary-themed country retreat, a weekend away is made all the easier with the right help on hand. If your principal is holidaying in the UK countryside, for example, consider hiring a temporary chauffeur for the duration of the trip. You’ll also need a housekeeper to prepare the home for their arrival, maintain it whilst in residence and leave it sparkling once everyone has left. Alternatively, you could hire a temporary live-in couple that can satisfy both roles.

A private chef can look after all catering including menu design, sourcing of ingredients in addition to preparation, service and any required clean up. Similarly, should families be present, a nanny will ensure that Mum and Dad truly relax by taking charge of children, entertaining them during the day and supervising their night-time routine.

If the weekend location is near a major town, contract close protection officers may also be required for your principal’s safety and wellbeing.

For visiting guests at your principal’s main residence…

Your principal’s permanent household staff may need extra support when extended family or friends come to visit. This could mean an extra chef in the kitchen or, if there isn’t a permanent chef on hand, hiring someone to look after the catering so that your family doesn’t need to think about the practicalities when entertaining. You could also look to hire additional housekeepers to maintain guest bedrooms and common areas. For more formal dinner parties, consider hiring temporary butlers to assist with silver service requirements.

If your principal is looking to wine and dine outside of the home, turn to an expert – a contract lifestyle manager can look after all entertainment requirements, making reservations in the hottest restaurants in town or securing seats for the latest theatre.

Should your principal’s guests have young children, treat them to a temporary nanny for their visit!

For your principal’s next event…

Is your principal hosting an event in the near future? Make sure it’s a success by hiring temporary private support for a night. This could range from a whole team of chefs and kitchen attendants, to butlers for meeting, greeting and silver service and housekeepers to prepare and clean the venue. You may even want to consider hiring chauffeurs for a valet service, as well as close protection officers for event security.

For your principal’s extensive travel requirements…

When your principal is hopping from one country to another, having someone to look after their luggage can prove incredibly helpful. As travel packing and wardrobe manager experts, temporary travelling butlers can do just this, ensuring that your principal isn’t without their perfectly pressed tuxedo, ballgown or golfing gear. If your principal doesn’t have permanent close protection officers on hand, hiring temporary bodyguards may be required for additional security purposes.

For your principal’s family holiday…

Should your principal and their family be heading to the slopes over winter or escaping to the heat of summer, you will need to staff their chalet or villa for the length of their vacation. Live-in couples are a popular option for these types of requirements, as they can often look after housekeeping, gardening, chauffeuring or butler responsibilities, as well as training of new staff.
More generally, within a ski chalet or villa, you’ll need to think about hiring a housekeeper for all cleaning duties; a private chef for all culinary requirements, and hosts who can look after elements like airport transfers, logistics, ski hire and other relevant activities.

If your principal would prefer to be seaside, you’ll need to look at hiring yacht crew, such as stewards and stewardesses, deckhands and chefs.

For trying before buying…

If you are looking to hire permanent staff on behalf of your principal, but want an immediate start or a longer probation period, a temp-to-perm arrangement is a great solution. It allows both parties to test out the role and working environment before committing long-term and lessens the risk should it not work out. Generally, candidates looking for temp-to-perm placements are also available immediately, meaning you can get them working as soon as possible.

Should you need to hire temporary and seasonal private staff, Tiger Private can help. Get in touch today.

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