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A yoga wellbeing specialist in a yoga pose while leading a class.

There are strong links between wellbeing and productivity. Being healthier in your body and mind can help you to tackle difficult projects more effectively and focus your mind on any task you might be faced with. Increasingly, as part of their private household staff recruitment, more of our private clients are choosing to hire personal wellbeing specialists – particularly yoga and pilates instructors – as part of their household staff so that they can receive tailored health benefits. These kinds of specialists not only help you to strengthen your body, they can also teach you invaluable techniques to help you tackle stress in all areas of your life.

1. Tailored coaching

Hiring a private wellbeing specialist means that any activity can be tailored to your specific health and fitness level, taking into account any injuries or personal goals you might have. A personal yoga instructor will help you to get a better idea of what your body needs and enable you to benefit from the teacher’s full attention.

2. Seasonal health boosts

There are certain times of the year that your body and mind can require better care. Christmas, for example, is usually a time of eating rich food and winter evenings spent indoors. A wellbeing specialist can be on hand to ensure that your optimum health is maintained throughout the holiday period, allowing you to balance out any indulgences with your regular yoga or pilates practice. This way, you’ll have the best chance of starting the new year as the best version of you.

3. Time saving

Hiring a personal wellbeing specialist means that you can keep on top of your personal health and fitness goals at a time that suits you. Travelling to a yoga studio can be time-consuming and could mean you have to make sacrifices in other areas of your life in order to fit in your workout at a set class time. Having your own coach means that you can undertake regular classes in the comfort of your own home at a time that fits in with your lifestyle. With this flexibility, you might also find you are able to practise several times per day.

4. They can travel with you

Travelling often can mean that your health and wellbeing suffers. Jetlag, a busy schedule and unfamiliar food can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and generally unhealthier than when you are at home – just when you are likely to need to be at your very best. A private wellbeing specialist who knows exactly what you require to stay energised will be able to travel with you and help you maintain your optimum health while you are away from your usual routine. This will give you the best possible opportunity to focus on your business commitments or enjoy leisure pursuits while you are away.

5. Motivation

Hiring an individual specifically tasked with maintaining your wellbeing can help to keep you motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals. It can be easy to let your busy schedule get in the way of regular exercise, but having a personal yoga instructor come to you will ensure you cannot shy away from it.

If you would like to know more about hiring a wellbeing specialist or any other household staff, get in touch with me here. If you’re looking for a private wellbeing job, click through for more information!

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