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Art experts offer bespoke, one-to-one experiences and specialised knowledge in niche fields. Due to the nature of their work, they often have extensive experience working alongside high/ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) globally.

Art experts have a deep understanding of art history, market dynamics and aesthetic trends, acting as trusted advisors of art enthusiasts through the intricate world of art acquisition.

If you’re thinking about enlisting the help of an art consultant, read on to find out the various ways an art expert can enhance your collection.

Taking your interests into account

An art consultant must take the time to find out the different artists, periods and subject matter that you’re interested in. An art expert regularly accompanies their clients to art fairs, exhibitions and auctions, and exposes them to books and catalogues to understand their interests. Where one client may be interested in Old Master paintings, another might prefer a piece of contemporary sculpture, so this first stage is imperative to ensure your art consultant can fine-tune their search.

Helping you make an informed decision

If you’re looking to build your collection from the ground up, an art consultant can help you make an informed decision with your best interests at heart. Buying a piece of art isn’t just about handing the money over – the process should involve thorough research (including where the piece has been written about and exhibited, as well as working out the previous owners). An art expert with keen attention to detail will make sure everything is in order, and build a thoroughly-documented history of the piece. Consultants like Anna will also make sure the practicalities of insurance are taken care of so that your investment, once acquired, is correctly recorded in an inventory and protected.

Managing the logistics

Once a piece has been purchased, a great art management expert can assist you with the appropriate way to display it, from lighting to installation and right down to choosing the correct glass for the frame. They would also oversee any restoration work necessary for the preservation of the piece. If storage is required, an art management advisor will go to the trouble of ensuring the right conditions are organised (including humidity and lighting levels, among other details). They will also organise safe transport, whether it be across the city or across the globe, to ensure that the piece will arrive safely at its new destination.

Sarah Capes, of Talbot Capes, offers expert knowledge on the management of everything from Old Master paintings to modern art. Talbot Capes’ service takes on the laborious work of conserving, transporting, storing, and cataloguing the works of a collector.

Selling a piece

If you’re looking to sell a piece, an art consultant can act as your representative to research the correct market for it to be sold in and assist in the decision as to whether it is better to sell at auction or through private treaty sale. An expert will do their research and suggest exactly when, where and how much the piece should be sold for, with full transparency about anything that may affect the sale.

Detective work

Where you have inherited a piece and don’t know what it is, an expert will research to work out its attribution, and therefore its true value. They will draw on art history expertise, market insights, and attention to detail to research and produce a solid analysis with documents and data to support this. The advisor should manage expectations by acting with integrity and clarity through every step of this process, to ensure their client has a realistic idea of what to expect.

If you are looking to recruit an art expert, reach out to us today!

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