Zahra Clark

Head of MENA Region

Zahra manages a broad range of clients within the MENA region, including those within oil and gas, financial services and professional services sectors. Based in Dubai, Zahra has formerly held roles as a C-suite EA, a private PA and business manager between Dubai and London, so she has a unique insight into the individual requirements by both candidates and clients.

In addition to the recruitment of business support roles, she can assist clients with organisational planning, job descriptions and consultative advice. For candidates new to the Middle East, she is also happy to assist with any questions relating to visas, accommodation, and general queries.

+971 44 504 744

Latest Insights by Zahra Clark

Hiring household staff

If you’re thinking of hiring domestic staff to take on some of the burden of running a household, we can help. In this blog we’ll take you through each step of the hiring process, from identifying your household support needs, to creating a job description, interviewing, and finally recruiting experienced staff. 1. Assess Business Needs

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How to screen CVs: a comprehensive guide

Your new job advert has only been live on job listings sites for a few days and it already received a hundred applications, and growing. With numbers like that, how can you sift through CVs to find the gems? In this guide, we’ll talk through how to screen CVs effectively, breaking down large volumes of

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New attitudes, old challenges: employee wellbeing in the post-pandemic world

Never has there been a time when employee mental health has held such weight in workplace conversation. And with good reason – such is the extent of worker burnout, depression, and disengagement that, according to the World Health Organisation, 12 billion working days are lost globally each year due to mental health-related sick leave. However,

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Retention and Acquisition Trends 2023

Table Of Contents Introduction Money Talks Development and Training Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Flexible Working Employee Wellbeing Relationships At Work Summary Introduction At the close of 2022, Tiger Recruitment hosted a roundtable event, bringing together a select group of HR leaders across a range of industries. The discussion focused on their experiences of employee retention

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Five tech innovations you should know – and how businesses are using them

This year has already shown how exciting the future of technology is and the enormous potential it holds for humanity. Technological advancements are coming in thick and fast, transforming the way we live, interact and work. If you work in tech and are hiring digital staff, you’ll already be well aware! No matter how hard you

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Four steps to writing a personal assistant cover letter

When applying for a PA job, you should use every tool at your disposal to make the strongest case possible for yourself. The first and most important step should be an up-to-date and compelling personal assistant CV, but don’t neglect the icing on the cake – a personal assistant cover letter. Cover letters are not

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