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Rooftop cocktail bar with people drinking in the sun, view of the Gherkin and other buildings in down town London

When summer starts to roll in, London’s rooftops come alive with some fantastic venues in which to drink and chat. We’ve rounded up five rooftop bars across the city to visit after you’ve clocked off.

Jin Bo Law, Aldgate

Located on the 14th floor of the Dorset City Hotel in Aldgate, this rooftop bar is a fabulous pineapple-themed tropical oasis with incredible views of some of our favourite London landmarks. The inventive cocktails only add to its allure: Dragon Air or Butterfly Punch, anyone? Word to the wise – this isn’t the place to spontaneously stop by after 6pm because it’ll be packed to the rafters, so plan to reserve a table in advance.

The Trafalgar St. James, Soho

The Rooftop at The Trafalgar St. James is perfect when you’ve got your heart set on a post-work rooftop tipple, but the weather takes a turn for freezing. The venue has both open-air and canopy seating, complete with blankets and heaters, so you can cosy up in a covered corner while still admiring the city views. Alternatively, if the sun is shining, you can catch the rays while lounging in the conservatory, enjoying a glass of something delicious.

Alto by San Carlo, West End

If you’ve been looking out the office window at a gorgeous summer day and you’re in despair that it’s passing you by, head to Selfridges after work. The rooftop offers an alfresco Little Italy for you to enjoy the London sunshine with a Bellini in your hand. Grab a serving of spaghetti gamberoni piccanti and you’ll almost fool yourself into pretending you’re on a rooftop in Milan (and don’t have to go back to work tomorrow).

Sunset picture of the rooftop bar with tables and chairs lit from below

Image Credit: Trafalgar St James 

Capeesh Sky Bar, Canary Wharf

London’s financial hub isn’t well known for its culture and nightlife, but we’ve found the perfect summer venue for those trapped in the office all day. Capeesh Sky Bar offers a panoramic view of London that is actually better once the sun goes down. Twinkling lights and the Thames provide a breathtaking backdrop for a lovely evening 48 floors up.

Big Chill, Kings Cross

Big Chill boasts a couple of venues across the city, but the King’s Cross location is the only one with a rose-tinted rooftop. The venue is playing into our deepest summer fantasies with bright décor, fruity drinks and fancy food. A special collab with Chuck Burgers has resulted in a gin-infused pancake stack –which may be slightly gimmicky, but when the sun is out and you’ve just stepped out into a glorious afternoon, this is where you’ll want to be.

Header Image credit: Jin Bo Law
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