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As a boutique recruitment agency, Tiger Digital goes the extra mile when we hire developers for employers across the MENA region. We know that every business’ needs are different when it comes to finding developers, which is why we undertake a bespoke recruitment process for each new vacancy.

Whether your company needs to hire a front-end developer or a full-stack expert, we’d love to hear from you.

How To Hire a Web Developer

1. What do you need?

If you are looking to hire developers, the first step is to identify the unique needs of your business. This will depend on the nature of your company as well its size, business values and long-term goals.

2. Brief your agency

Call your agency to give them a comprehensive brief. This is critical: Tiger Digital takes the time to get to know employers and jobseekers properly before beginning any digital recruitment process.

3. Review shortlist

Once the brief is complete, we can begin the search and shortlisting process. We will source accomplished web developers from our database, place tailored job adverts on targeted job boards and reach out to passively seeking professionals in our network. We generally aim to deliver a shortlist of at least three-five qualified candidates for each vacancy.

4. Interview and selection

Our team of consultants coordinates the logistics of the interviews and will negotiate the offer with your chosen candidate. Once the paperwork is signed, we will maintain contact with your preferred candidate all the way through to their first day and into their probation.


What does a developer do?

Web developers will either specialise on the ‘front-end’ or ‘back-end’ of a website. The front-end of a website is everything the user sees. The back-end of the site refers to ‘server-side’ of the website, which is essentially everything that you don’t see as a user. Both are instrumental to having a properly functioning website. It may be that you need to hire developers to manage both of these: they are called ‘full-stack developers’.

A developer is responsible for ensuring that a business’ website functions effectively and has an user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design. This will look different for every business. Once a website has been built, a developer will generally be responsible for maintaining the website. This involves tasks such as processing updates, fixing bugs, adding pages, and updating visual layouts as needed.

Depending on the needs of a company, a web developer will collaborate with other tech specialists such as web designers, software developers, UX designers and marketing professionals.

Developers need to keep up to date with the ever-evolving world of programming languages. Tiger’s network includes experts in Javascript, CSS and HTML, and more. No matter the technical requirements of your organisation, we can help.

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Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment

Tiger Digital’s team of experienced consultants have a spectacular track-record of hiring developers for employers across the Gulf region. Whether you require a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer to meet your business’ needs, we can help you find the perfect individual for the job.

Temporary recruitment

Temporary recruitment

If your business is looking to find a developer to complete a specific project such as building a new website, building an app, or processing a major update, then a temporary or contract recruitment solution could be the best option for you.

Hire Remote Developers

Hire Remote Developers

Due to the nature of their role, developers are perfectly set up to work remotely, and many elect to do so. Choosing to hire remote developers can be incredibly beneficial to a business as it widens the pool of prospective candidates for a role. It’s incredibly important, when looking for any kind of developer, to ensure that there is alignment in skillset between your business and your new hire.

Being flexible and willing to hire remote developers can give you an edge in your search.

Hire developers

Hire developers

Tiger has developed an innovative and meticulous approach to sourcing the best developers. Our team of experienced consultants take the time to get to know each jobseeker’s skillset and goals before sending a comprehensive summary of their experience to you. This allows us to ensure that each individual on your customised shortlist not only matches your requirements, but the values and long-term goals of your organisation.

If you are looking to hire a developer, then we’d love to hear from you.


How much to hire a web developer?

According to our latest Salary survey, a front-end or back-end developer in the MENA region earns between 18-25k AED per month.  A full-stack developer with both skills will generally earn between 20-30k AED per month.

How to hire a software developer?

Correctly understanding your organisation’s technical requirements can be particularly difficult unless you yourself are tech-savvy. This is why using an expert tech recruitment agency can be the best way to hire a software developer. A specialist recruitment consultant can help you find an experienced professional whose skillset matches your business’ needs.

How to hire remote developers?

Once you have identified the need to hire a remote developer, the first step is generally to reach out to a specialist technical recruitment agency. An experienced recruitment consultant with knowledge of the field and local talent will help you confidently hire a professional with the correct skillset and experience.

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