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Hire a Chief of Staff

Hire a Chief of Staff

Looking to hire a chief of staff for your private household or family office? For clients with multiple homes and staff, the chief of staff can be invaluable in overseeing private and domestic affairs. They act as the only point of contact when it comes to the management of homes and staff and can implement structure and procedure as necessary. Our team at Tiger Private take a tailored approach to sourcing exceptional chiefs of staff who align with your needs.

What is a chief of staff?

What is a chief of staff?

A chief of staff (COS) role can be very broad, varying based on the needs of the household of family office. The role can include the general management of an individual home or property portfolio, overall management of staff and management of projects such as entrepreneurial ventures or large events. On a slightly more personal level, a chief of staff can also be a gatekeeper/right hand person to a Principal and their family.

Chief of Staff Recruitment

Tiger Private’s experienced consultants specialise in recruiting for private households and family offices. We have a scrupulous screening, testing and reference checking process for all candidates. Understanding the importance of discretion, we can also arrange non-disclosure agreements.

Identifying relevant skills, requirements and experience is a crucial first step in the process. A COS is frequently responsible for maintaining key professional and personal relationships. We therefore carefully assess discretion and interpersonal skills as part of our selection criteria. It’s also common to require a chief of staff to travel with their Principal, so flexibility is a common pre-requisite for our candidates.

Our consultants have carefully curated a network of experienced chief of staff candidates. As part of this, we consider skills, professional backgrounds and core values, ensuring that thorough profiles are established ahead of an introduction with clients.

Understanding that every need is different, our team can match you with candidates for permanent, temporary and contract roles. We can even payroll staff on your behalf.

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Finding the Right Chief of Staff Candidate

Our expert consultants undertake a bespoke approach to chief of staff recruitment, tailoring each search to your unique requirements. Our rigorous process of sourcing, interviewing and reference checking ensures that candidates are of the highest standard.

In situations where a chief of staff is being employed for the management of a private household, we see the most need for managerial, logistical and project management skills.

When hiring a chief of staff in a family office or entrepreneurial venture, business qualifications, additional languages and practical experience of portfolio management are commonly required.

Other common tasks include budget management, securing insurance, and purchasing luxury items, which all require excellent organisational skills and financial acumen.

If you’re curious about hiring a COS, reach out to our team to discuss your unique needs.

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Should I hire a chief of staff?

If there are many moving parts in your life, such as business ventures, property portfolios or a busy household, hiring a chief of staff might be a solution. A trusted COS can provide you with valuable time and peace of mind, knowing that your private and domestic affairs are overseen by a trusted individual with excellent management skills.

Why hire a chief of staff?

A great chief of staff can be an indispensable resource that addresses a broad range of needs. The right COS can not only oversee private and domestic affairs but also represent you at meetings and events, assist in budgeting, travel ahead to prepare for your arrival, and generally function as a trusted gatekeeper and confidante.

Is a chief of staff a glorified secretary?

A chief of staff will typically have more managerial skills and responsibilities than a secretary. Where a secretary may spend the bulk of their time on day-to-day administration, a COS may be responsible for overseeing an entire property portfolio or entrepreneurial venture. Chiefs of staff are also typically responsible for everything entailed in overseeing other office and household staff.

Is chief of staff a high position?

A chief of staff will usually hire, train and oversee all other family office or household staff, making it one of the most senior private roles available. A COS will be a highly experienced strategic thinker, often managing key business and family relationships. Other common responsibilities include portfolio management, project management of any building or refurbishments and handling finances.

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