Bring everyone together this festive season

With some of our favourite seasonal festivities coming up like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s time for PAs, EAs or Lifestyle managers to start thinking about how to bring people back together again.

Peppermint Diva, one of Tiger’s PA Collective® partners, is a full-service events agency that specialises in designing bespoke events and celebrations for both private and corporate clients. If you’re looking to organise anything from an intimate gathering to a fully-fledged party for your Principal this festive season, Peppermint Diva’s creative and thoughtful approach will turn it into a truly memorable event.

With decades of experience working exclusively in the private and corporate arena, Peppermint Diva delivers highly personalised events; from baby showers, weddings and children’s parties to large-scale investor events and corporate parties. As well as incorporating every thoughtful personal touch or detail your Principal requires, the Peppermint Diva team is dedicated to providing sustainably sourced goods, as well as using local suppliers whenever possible.

“It was a true pleasure working with Antonia from Peppermint Diva! She made the process of planning the event seamless and stress-free and the day so magical that it will be remembered by all forever.” – Tiger’s PA client

Peppermint Diva’s top tips for entertaining in the 2021 festive season

About the PA Collective

The PA Collective® is an exclusive members-only group for Tiger’s eligible personal assistants, private personal assistants, executive assistants, lifestyle managers and talent personal assistants. Members benefit from exclusive events, access to a preferred partner directory and a community forum. To apply online, click here.

Does your Christmas to-do list also involve hiring temporary staff for the holiday season? Tiger Private’s temporary division can help! Get in touch today.


Author Claire Walker Tiger Recruitment Team

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