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A large manor house where live-in couples work - there is a lake in the foreground and a few large trees surrounding it.

Domestic couple jobs, wherever you are

If both you and your partner are in the private support sector, why not consider a live-in couple job? These types of positions combine common household roles such as housekeepers, butlers, chauffeurs, nannies, estate management and chefs, with the exact pairing varying based on the needs of the principal and their family.

Otherwise known as domestic couple jobs, these positions can form the foundation of a private household, with the pair in charge of managing an estate or a number of homes in different locations. In the case of a small property, you may be the only permanent staff members, overseeing general maintenance and managing seasonal staff as and when required.

Latest Live-in Couple Jobs

Are you looking for a domestic couple job in the UK or internationally? Apply below, or review our full list of vacancies on our job search page.

Domestic Couple, Paris

France SALARY: €70,000 - €80,000 PER: Annum TERM: Permanent

Our long-term clients are in search of a skilled and dedicated domestic couple to oversee and manage their luxurious residence, based in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris. The ideal candidates will join a fully staffed...

POSTED: 02 Jul 2024 JOB ID: JEMDCP3481

Domestic Couple

UK (Regional) SALARY: £40 - £40 PER: Hour TERM: Contract

Tiger Private are looking for experienced and enthusiastic couple manage one of the UK’s most exclusive shoot lodges for the season (September – February) One of the couple will be an experienced chef, the other will...

POSTED: 24 Jun 2024 JOB ID: JEMLKDC2892

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Live-in couple jobs in the UK

A UK-based private household couple job will often be based at a country estate or larger home and can be employed on either a permanent or seasonal basis. Responsibilities will vary depending on the requirements of the household but can include housekeeping, laundry and ironing, simple cooking, grocery shopping, property maintenance, gardening, driving, guest management and security. They might also be involved in the recruitment and management of other household staff.

As these jobs are live-in, they require an added element of flexibility as hours can include evenings and weekends.

As the name of the role suggests, a live-in couple job in the UK or abroad includes accommodation, usually separate from the main building.

Live-in couple jobs abroad

Another option for live-in couples is working abroad, either seasonally in a ski chalet or summer villa, or permanently in a principal’s alternative home.

Just like a UK-based position, a live-in couple job abroad can include a wide range of responsibilities, including general housekeeping and butler duties, driving, estate management and other ad-hoc tasks. It is quite common for an international live-in domestic couple job to be recruited on a seasonal basis, as principals look for additional help when they travel or are on holidays. That said, in some cases, they may opt to employ a live-in couple on a permanent basis for their international properties, ensuring year-round maintenance.

Qualities of a fantastic live-in couple

Regardless of the specific responsibilities you assume as a live-in couple, there are some common qualities that will put you in good stead for professional success. Great live-in couples will have excellent time management skills, be extremely organised and act with a high degree of professionalism at all times.

You should be able to work independently, using initiative where needed and, as with any private support role, operate with the highest levels of discretion.

How much does a live-in couple earn?

As the responsibilities of a live-in couple can vary significantly, the salary can also range. However, most roles will sit between £50,000-£65,000 per couple, with accommodation on the property provided.

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