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Job hunting isn’t just about finding a role. It’s about the career path that’s on offer too. With this in mind, having a growth mindset is important at every stage of the interview process. Discussing progression opportunities with your potential employer gives insight into the company’s growth culture. It also demonstrates the value you can bring to the organisation.

In this guide, we explore a different approach to job hunting, with growth as the focus. Navigating the right balance between your career aspirations and the reality will ensure that your equipped with the right information when you make the all-important decision of accepting the role at hand.

Having a growth mindset when job hunting

Before sending out any applications, ensure that your growth mindset is in place. This means managing your expectations around the job hunt and preparing for the obstacles that might fall your way.

Preparing for interview

An interview presents you with a chance to demonstrate your eagerness to grow in your career. It’s a two-fold opportunity to learn about the company’s commitment to professional development, whilst communicating your intentions.

That said, it’s crucial to strike the balance between that and your enthusiasm for the role at hand – the one they’re interviewing you for!

Research the company

It’s no secret that researching the company before an interview is a must. Find out their values and look at the potential internal progression opportunities.

It might also be worth looking at employee profiles who are in similar roles on LinkedIn. You’ll be able to see their progression path within the company, which tells you 1. If they support growth and 2. The skillsets and backgrounds required to progress.

Personal development plan

Express your current skill set during your interview and your drive to build on it. Discuss any courses or reading materials that are part of your development plan. Being proactive underscores your commitment and passion/

Evaluate your offer

If you receive a job offer (which we hope you do!), look beyond the financial incentives. Dive further into the long-term growth opportunities that each position offers and don’t be afraid to walk away.

How to evaluate an offer with a growth mindset:

Career path clarity

Does the role offer a clear career path or is it a dead-end job? This should be easily identifiable from your interview. Look for opportunities for movement in the company and seek clarity on anything you’re unsure of.

Training and professional development

What training opportunities does the company provide? Is there a professional development budget?

Recognition and feedback

Does the company acknowledge employee progress and provide feedback regularly? A work environment that values input and nurtures growth is key here.

Industry trends and organisational growth

How does the company stack up against what’s current? A business that’s thriving should have ample opportunities for employees to thrive too.

Maintaining a growth mindset in your new role

Once you’ve started the position and settled into the role you can start to take steps to develop further. Here’s how:

Network and seek mentorship – Build a strong network that includes those who can guide you in your career.

Take initiative – Volunteering for new projects and responsibilities will go a long way to show your value. It sets you up as a proactive contributor and shows commitment.

Continual learning – Invest time into researching current trends in the industry. Seek out learning opportunities both inside and outside of your company.


Having a growth mindset can set you apart from other candidates. Have achievable goals and showcase your growth mindset during the interview process. When evaluating job offers, make sure you focus on professional development and don’t be immediately tempted by the compensation package alone.

You want your new role to contribute towards a fulfilling and progressive career so don’t settle for a job that doesn’t fulfil you. Embrace your new mindset and you’ll open yourself up to endless possibilities.

Author Zahra Clark Tiger Recruitment Team

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