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Regardless of whether you’re seeking sunshine, or planning to escape to a winter wonderland, it’s time to stop worrying about whether to bring the children on your next vacation. While spending one on one time with the family can create special memories for everyone, traveling with children can also be tiring and time consuming. But why should you limit your plans? Look no further for the key to a stress-free vacation. Hire a travel nanny today and say hello to relaxation.

What is a travel nanny?

A travel nanny is someone who specializes in caring for children on family trips, however long you might be looking to get away for. Travel nannies can adapt to new environments quickly and with ease, and are accustomed to remaining calm under pressure or in challenging situations, such as in the unfortunate event that a child becomes sick whilst you are away.

Is it better to hire a traveling nanny or to bring help from home?

If your family already has an everyday nanny, there is of course the option to bring them along on your trip. However, if you’re also looking to give your regular nanny some time off for themselves, or some of the family are staying at home while you’re on vacation, it can be worth looking for an extra helping hand.

And if you don’t normally have a nanny whilst at home, the added bonus of a traveling nanny means you can be so much more flexible with your vacation, casting aside any worries about finding a resort or hotel with childcare options. Even if your hotel offers a nannying service, hiring your own travel nanny means that you are able to meet them ahead of time in your own environment.

A traveling nanny is also a great option as they may already be familiar with your destination of choice, acting as both a tour guide and providing an extra layer of security for your children, especially if there is a language barrier.

Three benefits of hiring a traveling nanny:

1. Balance for parents

Being a parent is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year job. Traveling with children can be tiring and many parents return from their trips feeling more tired than they were before they left. Hiring a travel nanny means alleviating stress for everyone. With help at your side, everyone is free to make the most of their vacation. The children can have their own adventure while you relax by the pool, or whatever else might take your fancy!


2. Security and safety

Knowing that someone is watching over your children and having that extra level of supervision, especially in crowded settings and locations with water, means that parents are able to properly switch off.


3. Flexibility

Hiring a traveling nanny for your family vacation gives you complete flexibility with plans and scheduling last-minute changes. Travel nannies are experienced with working both day and night and will be there for you when you need them most, working with you to create a schedule (or lack of) that suits your family.


Whether you’re worried about the children getting bored, decide to go for a late night dinner, or simply need some time alone, a travel nanny can make your dream vacation a reality.

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