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Dessert at Zunfthaus zur Waag

The Basics

Münsterhof 8,

8001 Zürich


The Zunfthaus zur Waag, based in the heart of Zurich’s old town, is one of the hottest addresses in the city when it comes to Swiss cuisine. From classic “Züri Geschnätzlets” with Rösti to “Kalbsleberli”, this guildhall combines all Swiss culinary classics. The restaurant offers an authentic piece of Zurich history served on a plate and embraces the hospitality in this historic 17th century house.

A Bit of Background

The Zunfthaus zur Waag was the meeting place of the linen and wool weavers from 1440 and a place where people used to come and go, meet, eat and drink while discussing political, economic and social subjects. Since 1636 it has been a restaurant and, until today, people continue to do the same as they did in the old days –dine, drink, chat and debate together. It is an inspiring house; you can feel the history as soon as entering the imposing building.

The Food

The food at the Zunfthaus is a variation on traditional Swiss cuisine while at the same time sophisticated in presentation and taste.

As a starter, we enjoyed oven-baked pumpkin topped with goat cheese and walnuts on an apple-celery salad, alongside a truffled celery soup.

Main course

For the main course, we adored the traditional sliced veal “Zurich style” with Rösti  and the Swiss whitefish fillet with lemon dill butter, young leaf spinach and boiled potatoes.


To complete the meal, a Swiss chocolate souffle served on raspberry and vanilla sauce.

Needless to say, the dishes were absolutely delicious!

The Venue

The exterior of Zunfthaus zur Waag

Even from the outside, the Zunfthaus zur Waag stands out in contrast to the other buildings. The old weaver’s house is painted in discreet light blue and every window seems to be illuminated. Upon entering, a high and heavy iron door must first be opened before climbing the stone stairs up to the second floor, where the restaurant is located. Once there, we were greeted by the maître d’, our coats were collected and we were quickly escorted to our table. The hall is furnished in dark blue tones with wooden elements, giving it a charming elegance.

In Summary

Overall, we had a wonderful evening. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming. We would highly recommend the Zunfthaus zur Waag as a superb place for both business lunches and special occasions with families or friends.

Author Jane Leese Tiger Recruitment Team

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