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Private seasonal temp jobs in Zurich

Tiger Private’s temporary division recruits for family offices, private households and UHNWI in Zurich and wider Switzerland. We can also help you find seasonal work in villas, chalets, jets or shore-based roles for ex-yacht crew.

Having all worked as private PAs, chiefs of staff and lifestyle managers in the past, the expert team has a proven track record of satisfying private staffing requirements with outstanding domestic staff and private PAs in Switzerland. Our sister company in London also recruits for domestic roles in Europe and internationally.

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Temporary work in private staffing environments holds plenty of benefits. From added flexibility to plenty of variety and the potential for international travel, it presents an opportunity to develop your career while accommodating your lifestyle.

The roles we recruit

As a leading temp private household recruitment agency that specialises in seasonal jobs, Tiger Private’s team will find you a seasonal or temporary job that suits your experience, requirements and professional aspirations.

We recruit for the following private jobs in a temporary capacity:

Butler, chauffeur, celebrity assistant close protection, estate manager, gardener, house assistant, house manager, housekeeper, live-in couple, private chef, travelling PA

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As a market-leading household staffing agency in Zurich, we fill short-term and long-term positions regularly. Jobs can last from a few hours to several months if they’re seasonal placements.

Undertaking temp work or seasonal work in family offices and private households can be a great way to gain experience, fill in time between permanent positions or work while on a fixed-term visa.

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From Chauffeur to Chef to Close Protection

Whether it’s a chauffeur position over the festive season, or a private chef job for a summer estate, we can help you find your dream temporary job in private households. We have a range of clients in Zurich, Geneva, Zug, and regional Switzerland, and will work with you to find the perfect fit. If you are interested in a security job, or seasonal private chauffeur role, please submit your details.

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Fixed-term contracts

Temping jobs can also be fixed-term contracts, such as a maternity leave cover or seasonal employment. From private butler jobs to chief of staff roles for a family office, we can help you find these types of roles in Zurich, nationally and internationally, ensuring they fit into your lifestyle and career aspirations.

How it works


Once you’ve interviewed with us, you can update your availability by emailing your consultant. We recommend you do this regularly, as it helps us to help you in your search for your next temporary job in family offices and private households.


As a seasonal staff member, you will be required to submit a timesheet every week via our online portal. You’ll also be able to use the portal to track your timesheets in real time, submitting your hours directly onto our payroll system.

Once submitted, the timesheet is sent to your manager or authoriser to be approved; you’ll then receive an automated email to confirm that your timesheet has been accepted so you can be paid in the next payroll run.

Looking to hire temporary or seasonal private staff?

If you are looking to hire a live-in couple for your chalet or hire a bodyguard for your summer travels, please get in touch.

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