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As a leading permanent private employment agency, we specialise in the recruitment of domestic staff and administrative professionals in family offices. We match private household staff to UHNWI in Zurich and across Switzerland.

The secret to our success is this: each of our Tiger Private consultants has previously held positions within the private sector, so are uniquely placed to bring that perspective and knowledge to the process. From travelling butlers to personal chauffeurs, this proves invaluable in the journey to making a perfect match between client and candidate. This tailored approach is complemented by a highly selective vetting process, ensuring that your permanent private staff deliver to the highest of standards.

The process

Tiger Private recruits for a wide range of positions, from lifestyle managers and chauffeurs, to private chefs and live-in couples.

When looking for domestic household and family office staff, we know that personality fit is just as important as demonstrating the right level of experience. Our consultants take the time to understand your individual needs and requirements; we then match this against our best candidates, all of whom have been interviewed in person by someone on the team.

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Our experience within the private sector means we can provide expertise in every aspect of the process, from job description development to appraisals, ensuring that your household runs smoothly. We source exceptional permanent staff through a mix of candidate sourcing methods. These include targeted marketing, headhunting, personal networks and advertising on industry job sites.


We recruit for a variety of positions within the private sector, many of which are uniquely defined by your requirements. Among others, these include:

Asset Manager, Bookkeeper, butler, celebrity assistant CFO, charitable trust manager, chauffeur, chief of staff, estate manager, executive assistant, house assistant, housekeeper, house manager, live-in couple, lifestyle manager, private chef, private PA, traveling PA

If you find yourself requiring a more unique support role, our consultants’ extensive personal network and ‘little black book’ can help. Whatever the requirement, either give us a call on  +41 44 214 6109 or request a call back below.

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Why hire Tiger Private?

Tiger Private differs from other permanent household staffing agencies in Zurich because every member of the team has previously worked with UHNWI in a private support role.

This means that we’re much better equipped to understand your needs and take a bespoke approach that considers personality fit and professional experience.

We interview every candidate face-to-face or via video call before submitting them to a shortlist, taking the time to learn about their skills and experience and what they’re looking for in a new role. By understanding their personal motivations and career goals, we’re better positioned to ensure a strong long-term fit.


We recruit for a variety of jobs in family offices and private households.

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