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When it comes to hiring for a private household, a private chef can be an invaluable addition. However, hiring a private chef in the UAE or internationally can be a complex process with a number of elements to consider. From calculating the correct salary and hours, to catering to your family’s dietary requirements, finding the right fit is essential.

We work with a wide range of private chefs who are available for one-off events, weekends or seasons in a permanent, full-time capacity. With varying responsibilities and experience, it’s vital to understand what you’re looking for, what you expect of your chef and the level of culinary prowess your family expects on a day-to-day basis.

What is a Personal Chef?

A personal chef is a qualified chef that you can hire on a temporary or permanent basis to cook bespoke meals for you and your family, or for an event, holiday or other special occasion. The main benefits of hiring a private chef are:

  1. You remove the need to cook, saving valuable time that can be allocated elsewhere
  2. A personal chef uses their expertise to source, prepare and serve restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home or chosen location
  3. Personal chefs can create balanced, nutritional meal plans in accordance with your preferences or dietary requirements, ensuring that you’re looking after your health and eating tasty meals

Private Domestic Chef

Private domestic chefs work for one client or several, on a part-time or full-time basis. If they’re working for one client full-time, they will often also live on the Principal’s estate. Hiring a private domestic chef allows for a truly customised meal plan, and completely removes the stress and time taken from preparing multiple meals a day.

Restaurant Chef

A restaurant chef works in a professional kitchen and is trained to prepare meals to a high standard. Private chefs usually have several years of experience working in demanding restaurant environments, often in fine dining. This means that private chefs are extremely capable of working to tight deadlines and above-and-beyond requests.

Why hire a private chef?

A private chef is becoming an increasingly popular option for busy UHNWI and families. Hiring a private chef for the night for a dinner party can take the stress out of catering, while hiring a private chef for a weekend – perhaps during Eid – means your family can focus on more important activities!

A private chef can also assist when catering to complex dietary requirements or eating behaviours. If your Principal or a family member has allergies, eats a restricted diet or simply prefers one cuisine over another, having a private chef can make a huge difference – they can design menus, source ingredients and prepare meals with your Principal’s needs in mind.

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How to Hire a Personal Chef for a Week?

Hiring a personal chef for a week can be the perfect way to elevate a busy or special time for you and your family. Simply email or call our team on +971 4585 9309 to brief us on your requirements. The longer the lead time the better, as it will mean we can perfectly cater to your needs, however it’s not uncommon for us to be able to source someone at a moment’s notice! Regardless of whether you need someone in Dubai, or internationally, we can help.

Once a professional has been selected, we will handle all the paperwork on both sides. The candidate will submit a timesheet at the end of the week which is sent to your email for approval. Once approved, we will pay the candidate directly and send you an invoice.

Tiger Private’s chefs are highly experienced, capable and are available to be hired on a temporary basis. To turn a holiday or special occasion into an unforgettable experience, consider hiring a personal chef for a week as a top professional handles the kitchen and cooks delicious meals.

Hire a Personal Chef for a Week

Whether you’re pressed for time, have a taste for exquisite food, or just want to kick back and relax whilst an experienced professional cooks a meal for you and your family, either in the comfort of your own home, on holiday, or for a special event – there are many good reasons to hire a personal chef for a week.

For more information about chef recruitment , get in touch with us. We have a wide range of chefs available immediately for temporary placements and permanent positions and can provide advice on how to hire a private chef.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a private chef?

A candidate commanding an AED 40,000 p,m. salary will normally have 8-10 years’ experience in both restaurants and households. They will often be Michelin-star-trained and be comfortable with sourcing ingredients and preparing three meals a day for a large family. They are also able to cater for dinner parties, lunches and small events and can manage relevant budgets. If you are looking to hire a private chef in the UAE with a little more experience, they could command a salary between AED50,000-AED70,000 p.m.

How much does a personal chef cost per hour?

A chef’s salary or day rate (if hiring on a contract or temp placement) depends on the requirements of the role, the hours and their experience. Tiger’s chefs have all spent time in professional kitchens and private households and, for the most part, have at least 10 years’ experience. The average salary is AED10,000-40,000 p.m.  per annum, while the average day rate ranges from AED350-AED1400 a day.

Should I pay by the hour, day or annually?

We recommend either a day rate for temporary chef placements or an annual salary for permanent roles. Even if you are hiring a private chef for a dinner party, a day rate will allow for menu design, sourcing ingredients, preparation, service and clean-down.

How does it work to have a personal chef?

Personal chefs are experts at adapting to their client’s needs, in terms of their culinary likes and dislikes, and to their working environment. A personal chef can be working quietly in the background, sourcing quality produce and cooking meals to be served at desired times. Or they can be approached when in the kitchen and asked to delve into the secrets of their trade, and you can pick up practical cooking skills from a top professional. Basically, however you want the working relationship to be, our chefs will be able to adapt to it.

Do personal chefs live with you?

A full-time personal chef that works for just one client can also be a live-in chef. This is a strong option if you want to completely transform your mealtime experience for you and your family and your budget permits it. Otherwise, hiring a personal chef for a week, weekend, or an evening could be a great alternative to help create those special moments in life.

Looking for a temporary chef job?

If you’re an experienced private chef and looking for your next temporary opportunity, Tiger Private can help you. Find your next chef role here or submit your details. 

Author Zahra Clark Tiger Recruitment Team

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