Skills you need if you’re looking for a personal assistant job in Dubai

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Living and working in Dubai offers a unique and exciting experience, with many opportunities for PAs in a thriving city environment. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai, Tiger Recruitment has put together a list of some of the skills that will help you as a personal assistant in Dubai.

Fluency in another language

As Dubai is a global business hub, it’s likely that the company you work for will either have offices overseas, or that you will liaise with people of different nationalities. As such, it’s fantastic if you have written and speaking fluency in another language. As Arabic is the official language of the UAE, it will be helpful if you have a working understanding of this, however English is spoken by many expatriates in the city. Other languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Farsi or Bengali may also come in handy, with significant numbers of expats speaking these in the region.


As experts in PA recruitment in Dubai, we understand that the role is as much about prioritising your own tasks as it is your principal’s! For example, if you work in growing company, it’s possible you may also need to help out the marketing or events staff with special projects. You may also need to screen your principal’s emails and engagements in order to delete the things that aren’t important and prioritise the replies that need to go out.



As support staff, you often have access to sensitive and confidential documents and meetings that aren’t privy to the majority of the business. As a result, you need to be able to explain to others that you don’t have permission to share information in a polite but firm manner. Show that you’re trustworthy and reassure your principal that you can manage these situations. For example, any financial or budget information that you may be privy to if you’ve sat in meetings with your principal would be absolutely priceless if it was known internally or externally. When in doubt, use absolute discretion.


This one almost goes without saying, as efficient organisation is one of the most integral skills for business support roles in Dubai and globally. Not only do you organise your principal’s daily tasks, but you also organise anything that needs to be done to support them – from organising travel, events, and gifts, to sorting out day-to-day problems in the office. Whatever the request, you need to be across everything that comes in from your principal. Whether you keep electronic calendars and to-do lists, or you use a paper diary, make sure you find what works for you!

As one of the leading business support job agencies in Dubai, Tiger Recruitment can help you find your dream role! Submit your details, or look at our live job listings today!

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