The Basics

Address: 275-277 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302


A Snapshot

Despite its position in the heart of downtown Jersey City, Razza Pizza Artigianale is named ‘the best pizza in New York’ by writers of the New York Times, Daily News and NJ Monthly. Locals also believe it homes the best wood-fired pizza in the country.

The Food

The pizza is prepared in an open kitchen, where the talent chefs kneed and toss the fresh pizza dough. It was a unique experience to be a part of the pizza making process from start to finish.

We were spoilt for choice browsing the menu, but we knew one thing was certain, we had to experience the bread and butter. The bread is freshly cooked onsite and to perfection. It wasn’t too doughy and had just the right amount of crispiness. The butter is smooth and a little sweet. I am not a huge fan of bread, but I ate every last morsel of this basic appetizer.


Freshly made bread with butter

The pizzas really speak for themselves, you can’t go wrong with the classic margherita. However, what is cool about Razza is they provide different types of margherita pizzas depending on the fresh grape tomatoes they have that week. When we visited, they had the option of Jersey Margherita or Yellow Margherita – made from fresh yellow tomatoes.

A variety of pies courtesy of Razza

We ordered a pizza each, Jersey Margherita, Fungi and the Spring Pie. The fresh mozzarella melted into the mushrooms nicely and the shaved parmigiano and caramelized onions on top gave it the perfect amount of sweetness. The Spring pie consisted of roasted asparagus, pesto, Parmigiano, and fresh mozzarella. I am a huge lover of pesto, and this did not disappoint. The pesto was the perfect consistency between the basil and oil. The roasted asparagus still had a little crunch to it and it came with a lemon for us to drizzle on top. Just the right amount of acidity. To accompany the meal, they offered local wine.

The Venue

From the moment you walk in you can sense a warm ambiance and a homely feel. Razza leans into this feeling by offering comfortable seating. There are two rooms, one brighter and the room in the back has a more romantic elusive feel. Both are very quaint and intriguing.

In Summary

Razza is a 4-minute ferry ride across the Hudson River. If you are able to experience it, make sure you come hungry because you will want to order more than you can eat!

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