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To celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work, we’re shining a light on workplace morale! As an employer, there are a number of steps you can take in order to encourage a positive culture in the office. Not only will it benefit your current employees, but it can also help you attract fantastic candidates through a great employer brand. Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of ideas to help!

Boost training and development

Encouraging your staff to develop their skills is crucial to employee engagement. This could take the form of weekly webinars, internal workshops, mentorships within the company or external seminars. Whichever route they take, knowing that you’re willing to invest time (and possibly money) in their personal development goes a long way to boosting their satisfaction at work.

Flexibility is key

More employers in Dubai are enjoying the benefits of flexible working (including improved productivity, enhanced attraction and retention of staff). As the world moves towards a flexible way of working, it’s become clear that we’re happiest when our work life supports our personal lifestyles. Flexibility can encompass anything from remote working to flexi-hours, so there’s plenty of scope for an arrangement that suits both employee and employer.

Employee feedback

Open communication between employees and their line managers is essential to creating a happier workplace, as it will soon reveal the areas for improvement. Regular 1:1 sessions with employees, suggestions boxes, and regular employee engagement surveys are all effective forums for comprehensive feedback. Furthermore, engaging employees with the implementation of their ideas will enhance their feelings of appreciation.


At a job interview

Team building to encourage friendships

If your employees are spending eight hours a day or more with their team, it stands to reason that they’ll work better if they’re friends! As a manager, you can foster friendships by organising team-building events. Why not set up a team lunch or a party for a team member’s birthday? Socialising outside work hours or at a team-away day provides a perfect setting for teams to get to know one another. Additionally, if you’ve just hired a new EA or other member of staff, an informal team lunch will go a long way to helping them get to know their new colleagues quickly, outside the confines of an office environment.

Reorganising the office
If your organisation has the scope to do this, think about reorganising the office space to encourage collaborative work away from the desk. In addition, a workplace with natural light and office plants can also encourage a more positive work environment. Our 2020 Salary And Benefits Review supports this, revealing that work environments were more important than salary when it came to candidate attraction!

Consider stress-relieving activities

Stress-relieving initiatives are a great way to break up the work day and show your employees you care about their mental health. The options here are limitless; some popular options include in-office massages, lunchtime yoga classes and bring-your-dog-to-work days!

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