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The coronavirus pandemic is creating a challenging time for businesses who may have reduced or ceased activities. If you are on furlough (leave), or are in the market for a new job, then it makes sense to upskill and complete free online courses!

Free online classes to complete during the pandemic

What Great Leaders Do

This leadership course is one of the best free online courses with certificates. It features insights from Bob Sutton, a researcher in evidence-based management and a professor of management science. The course highlights the traits of great leaders and the habits of leaders who fail, allowing you to consider your leadership skills from both angles.

The course also shares the best way to deal with team disagreements and how to ensure your team’s health. It reveals how excellent leaders work hard to stay in-tune with their workforce and covers the consequences of not paying attention to those they manage.

The course can be completed in under two hours and includes an assessment and certification. It is ideal for both new leaders and those who wish to become a leader in the near future.

Psychology and Mental Health: Beyond Nature and Nurture

Mental health and wellbeing are crucial for anyone, but due to the pandemic, they have never been in greater focus. This course from Future Learn will teach you how to improve your wellbeing and mental health by gaining a deeper understanding of your emotions and behaviors.

You will learn about new perspectives on the nature versus nurture argument and new research that will help you improve your mental health. The course delves into thinking patterns, the current challenges and debates and new ways of thinking.

This free online course is the work of Peter Kinderman, a professor of clinical psychology. You can start this course for free and upgrade for extra benefits and unlimited access. The course typically takes six weeks to complete with a three hour per week commitment. Of course, if you are on furlough or find yourself with more down time, you can complete the course quicker.

Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

You will become proficient and confident in using many techniques, including how to use the six thinking hats tool, idea generation using morphological analysis and intentive problem solving using TRIZ. From brainstorming to applying the SCAMPER method, this course will arm you with a skill set that employers only dream of finding.

The course is free and you can, if you wish, purchase a certificate for $49 on completion. You will complete this self-paced course in seven weeks if you have up to four hours per week of free time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

Time management and productivity encompass a variety of skills such as organization, professional and personal awareness, goal setting, scheduling, prioritization and delegation. You will learn about all of these skills and how to apply them in your career.

During this class, you will develop your ability to manage resources efficiently and effectively and how to keep your sense of perspective to avoid and manage a crisis. Furthermore, you will learn how to plan and achieve your professional and personal goals, as well as how to recognize and overcome potential barriers to successful time management.

You can enroll in this free online course immediately and it takes approximately five hours to complete.

Improving Communication Skills

Free Ivy League courses are in high demand but can be challenging to find. However, this one is a fantastic gem that will help you communicate effectively and achieve your goals at work. The course is from best-selling author and Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer and it will improve your communication skill set.

During this class, you will learn about negotiating styles, apologizing, creating a persuasive message, asking engaging questions and conducting active listening. Teachings include how to recognize if someone is lying to you and how to react, and you will learn how to develop trust, along with the ins and outs of creating convincing messages for video conferencing, phone calls and email.

The free Improving Communication Skills course takes about ten hours to complete. You will enjoy a mix of videos, readings and quizzes to confirm what you have learned.

New Skills Academy

While they aren’t free, Tiger has a partnership with leading online school, New Skills Academy, who are offering up to 87% off their courses. With secretarial, admin and business support-specific courses, they can help with anything from telephone customer services to problem solving and public speaking. Their extensive range of lessons all come with a certification, allowing you to put it on your resume once completed.

These are just a few excellent free courses to take in your free time that will help on a personal and professional level. For more resources, visit our insights page.

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