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An experienced HR Manager can make a significant impact on a company. If you hire an HR generalist for the role, they will be responsible for recruitment & onboarding, workforce planning, performance management, employee engagement, and development of business policies and procedures.

However, when you hire an HR manager, consider that the role will vary depending on the industry. For example, an HR manager operating in the healthcare sector will need to be aware of ethical, regulatory and safety standards affecting the business’ workforce. Comparatively, one in the tech sector will need to be familiar with the fast-paced environment that employees are working within.

Whether you are a growing startup or a large legal firm, our HR recruitment team can help you find the perfect HR Manager to match your business’ needs.

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How To Hire a HR Manager

The first step to hiring an HR manager is to identify the needs of your business. The key factors playing into this include business size and industry.

If you are a smaller or medium-sized business, then you may only need one HR manager who can personally address all HR needs within your organisation. Larger corporations may need an HR manager who can lead a department of HR specialists.

The next step to take is to reach out to a specialist HR recruitment agency who can help you hire an HR manager. Experienced consultants will facilitate a streamlined recruitment process, informed by years of experience recruiting HR professionals in your local market.

Tiger Recruitment’s experienced consultants match exceptional HR managers to top businesses across the MENA region. After receiving your initial request, a consultant will reach out to you to arrange a briefing call to get to know you and your business’ unique requirements.

Our team will then source a tailored shortlist of top HR professionals. This bespoke shortlist will contain experienced, qualified and vetted professionals sourced from our extensive network and strategic job adverts on key platforms.

Tiger will support you in the entire hiring process from identifying your needs to interviewing, confirming and onboarding your new hire.

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What Does an HR Manager Do?

The role of an HR manager will vary depending on the specific needs of a company. In most cases, an HR manager will be responsible for recruitment, from writing job descriptions to onboarding new hires.

Other responsibilities held by an HR manager include but are not limited to:
– Acting as a conduit between senior management and employees
– Administering payroll, benefits, and learning & development
– Putting in place initiatives to maintain employee morale and retention
– Addressing and resolving disputes between employees
– Addressing and settling employee grievances
– Managing disciplinary processes
– Managing other HR team members
– Keeping the business compliant with new laws and regulations in areas such as health and safety.

Permanent HR Recruitment

Tiger HR’s specialist consultants recruit for positions within top organisations across the MENA region. We recognise that your business has unique human resources needs. We take the time to truly get to know your unique requirements before beginning the recruitment process. This allows us to ensure the perfect match between your company and an accomplished HR professional.

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The Tiger team are specialists in human resources recruitment across the MENA region and around the world. To get started on hiring an HR Manager, make a hire request and one of our consultants will reach out to arrange a briefing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire an HR manager?

Reaching out to a specialist recruitment agency is the best way to hire an HR manager. An agency will be able to help you identify what you need from your HR manager role, and will utilise their network to help you find a shortlist of exceptional professionals.

The steps to hiring an HR manager will usually involve a briefing with the agency, receiving a shortlist of candidates, going through various stages of interviews, and securing the perfect fit for your organisation.

Do I need to hire an HR manager?

While smaller businesses sometimes don’t have a need for an HR manager, it is something that mid-sized and larger companies benefit from. Having some sort of HR professional generally becomes beneficial once your business reaches the size of 10-20 employees. An HR Manager is a great first human resources hire, addressing talent acquisition and retention, employee relations, compliance and more.

What does HR manager do?

The duties of an HR manager will vary slightly depending on the specific needs of the business. In most cases, an HR manager will run the entire recruitment process for an organisation, as well as organise payroll & benefits, manage employee relations and maintain compliance with industry laws and regulations.

Why hire an HR professional?

An exceptional human resources professional makes an invaluable addition to medium-to-large businesses. HR professionals can be hired as generalists who will act as a point of contact between management and employees, oversee recruitment and maintain employee retention.

If your industry is fast-moving and requires employees to train in order to keep up with ever-changing developments, then hiring a specialist such as a learning and development professional can be a beneficial course of action.

Whether a generalist or a specialist, hiring an HR professional ensures that your business can maintain positive morale, expertly manage employee relations, and remain compliant with regulations.

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