Amy Laiker

Amy Laiker

Head of New York Office

Having begun her career in the design and luxury sectors, Amy brings a creativity and ‘big picture’ approach to her recruitment methodology. When she started at Tiger in 2016, Amy put down roots as a temporary consultant in the London head office, establishing herself as a highly successful recruiter in London’s West End. Her promotion to Managing Consultant was a natural next step.

Amy’s vast knowledge and understanding of different working environments and industries is key to her success, affording her the opportunity to become a trusted advisor across multiple sectors. Taking the time to develop a deeper understanding of her clients and candidates also plays an important role in achieving a highly successful rate of referral.

As our Head of New York, Amy specialises in recruiting business support and private household staff across North America.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

My visual memory is second-to-none – which comes in very handy for shortlisting. That, and being able to remember song lyrics!

+1 (917) 970 0670

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