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Career goals: Separating fact from fiction

Commonly raised at half-year or annual appraisals, it may come as a surprise to hear that many people don’t actually set achievable career goals (or understand the value in doing so). At Tiger, we’ve found that the process of setting career goals can be clouded by misconceptions and misunderstandings, even…

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Our tips on moving your UK business over to the US

We sat down with Head of New York, Amy Laiker, to learn about her experience with setting up Tiger’s New York staffing agency, and her advice for UK companies making the same move across to the Big Apple. Why would a UK business want to move over to the US?…

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What should a good resume look like? Re-defining job hopping

20 years ago, most workers would leave school or university, find themselves a job and work their way up the ladder, staying within the same company for five, 10 or even 20 years. As such, the idea of ‘longevity’ on a resume stuck, as employers looked for employees who could…

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