Daisy looking off to the side and smiling

Daisy Ussher

Head of Permanent Division

After obtaining a degree in French, Daisy gained experience working in Paris in fashion broadcasting. Upon returning to London, she joined Tiger and hasn’t looked back! After just three years, Daisy stepped up to manage the permanent division in the West End office after establishing herself as a successful senior consultant.

Daisy takes great pride in going above and beyond for both jobseekers and employers alike. She assists businesses in hiring personal assistants and administrative professionals across the UK and Europe. She takes time to acquire a deep understanding of fit for both parties and she is overjoyed when she can help facilitate a perfect match.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

I’m an avid skier and dog lover (specifically my three naughty wire-haired dachshunds)!

+44 20 7917 1801

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