PAs, do you need help in improving your confidence at work?

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At Tiger, we believe it’s so important feel confident at work, especially if you’re a PA or in an executive assistant job. You may hold a client-facing role, meaning you need to be able to walk up to anyone with a smile on your face and a strong handshake, from the CEO to a new member of your team. Confidence will also make you resilient in the face of challenges and unexpected issues you field from your principal. For these reasons among many others, confidence is one of the key traits that separates a great personal assistant from one looking to climb the ranks. If you think you’re in need of a little confidence boost, we’ve put together a few easy ways to set you up for success.

Ask questions

One of the key sources of confidence is your own background knowledge! If you know there’s an aspect of the role that you absolutely dread, like using a particular program or public speaking, it’s probably a good indication that you need to pick up your skills in that area. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues questions, even if you’re not new to the office or position. Putting in the time to improve your weakest skills will play a significant role in your day-to-day confidence.

Fake it ‘til you make it

This is a tried and true piece of advice, for good reason! It’s amazing the power the brain has in tricking itself into feeling more confident when you need it most. For example, you can actively pretend to be a more confident version of yourself in a nerve-wracking situation. It may seem silly, but your illusion of confidence will put others’ minds at ease, and in turn, your own.

Repeat affirmations

If you’re finding it hard to get through a situation at work that makes you shy and nervous, such as giving a presentation or networking with a room of strangers, repeating a positive affirmation before you step into the room can help! Whenever you think ‘I can’t’, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Thinking positively and repeating these thoughts can help you out of any terrifying situation.

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Work on your body language

It may seem silly, but practising a strong walk will help you feel confident and powerful as you go about your day. To start, look at yourself in front of a mirror, making sure your posture is straight, your head is up, and your shoulders back. Then, practise striding across the room with purpose. Walking into the office or meeting room with strong body language and a smile will not only give you a boost of confidence, but it will also make other people see you as someone they can trust to get the job done, creating a positive feedback loop.

Share your successes with others

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the validation you receive from your co-workers and friends. By letting them know you recently accomplished something you’re proud of, they will likely join in congratulating you for an excellent effort. You will therefore feel so much more confident in completing your next tricky task with the support from those around you.

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