Security Guard at Door


Andrew started his career in the specialist protection and security operations command. He spent 15 years operating as a close protection officer, providing protection at the highest level for diplomatic and royal dignitaries. After this, he went on to serve for 10 years as a close protection operative for UHNWI. As part of his career development, Andrew has been practising two styles of martial arts for over 30 years and has extensive firearms training.

With 25 years’ experience operating as a close protection officer, Andrew now consults private clients on how to protect themselves and their families, covering all aspects of specialist protection. He can assist in the development of a comprehensive staffing structure for your main residence, international properties, yacht and private plane.


Andrew can advise on all elements of close protection, as well as oversee hiring in collaboration with Tiger Private. He is more than happy to travel to your residence(s), establish the close protection elements you may require at home and/or while travelling, as well as organise the sourcing and installation of any required technology. From laser breakers and CCTV to custom-made doors and staffed gatehouses, he uses his expertise to ensure ultimate safety at all times.

Should he establish a requirement for close protection officers, Andrew and Tiger Private can source and hire these highly qualified individuals for you.