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Bespoke, discreet and exclusive service

These expert consultants offer one-to-one advice in the comfort of your principal’s home or place of work, as well as internationally.

After an initial consultation with your principal, each expert can create a bespoke experience, according to their needs. The premise of this experience is that it is bespoke, discreet and exclusive to your principal.

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Charlotte is a renowned wine connoisseur and award-winning sommelier. She now runs her own consultancy, which focuses on developing wine start-ups, private clients, wine programming and luxury events.

Charlotte's offering


As a best-selling author and motivational fitness consultant, Ruth is known by her alter-ego, The Grit Doctor. With the expertise to help with both practical running advice and life decisions, she is best-placed to encourage and advise on personal and professional growth. She can take your principal through their paces (while talking them through their paces).

Ruth's offering


As an intuitive empath, Tanya has spent decades developing the ability to use her finely tuned senses to deliver messages and guidance from a higher source in a very real, modern way. Through her personal journey, she has been guided and aided by Spirit and the tools she uses to connect, such as tarot and crystals.

Tanya's offering


Frankie is a writer, editor and brand consultant working across both fashion and beauty. She has held positions at The Sunday Telegraph, The Pool and 10 Magazine and written for titles including The Times, Stella and Liberty of London. She now collaborates with luxury fashion and beauty brands on campaigns and works with private individuals to create bespoke beauty and grooming regimes.

Frankie's offering


Adam is an expert in menswear curation and styling, with connections to some of the most exclusive stores in Mayfair. Open to travel, he offers wardrobe replenishment, bespoke tailoring and styling for black-tie events.

Adam's offering


The managing director of one of UK’s finest storage facilities for classic cars, Chris has experience taking care of all the details when it comes to building and managing a classic car or supercar collection.

Chris' offering

Rupert and Oliver

Rupert and Oliver run an innovative education company that works with the world’s most prominent families, endeavouring to provide the highest levels of educational support to children and adults alike. They can assist with every element of childhood education, as well as adult learning.

Rupert and Oliver's offering


Ann-Marie is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, guide and coach. She has over 20 years’ experience working with the human energy field, using the traditional practices of reiki, divine healing, psychotherapy, counselling, regression and coaching to enable and facilitate change and freedom on all levels of one’s being.

Ann-Marie's offering