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Hotel and restaurant general manager jobs

A general manager is the person who oversees all restaurant or hotel functions to ensure that day-to-day operations are efficient and in line with company objectives.

Someone in a deputy general manager job can look to progress to a general manager as a natural next step. As a general manager job is one of the most senior in the restaurant and hotel hierarchy, the career progression from this position may be an operations manager role, where the individual would oversee more than one site.

Tiger Hospitality recruits for general manager roles in London, the UK and abroad. Our expert consultants use their speciality knowledge to match exceptional hospitality staff with outstanding restaurants, hotels, members’ clubs and bars.

Responsibilities of a general manager

The responsibilities of a general manager does depend on the restaurant or hotel itself. Typically, they oversee the training of managers, manage the budget for the establishment, develop strategic plans and policies for employees, and create business goals. This person can also be asked to step in and manage unhappy customer interactions. In short, they manage all the staff and daily business operations in the establishments.

In a restaurant, a general manager may have to switch between tasks very quickly, so this person will have to be adaptable and multi-task, especially in high-pressure situations.

Hotel general manager jobs also require the ability to adapt and multi-task, but the scope of this role is larger than that of a restaurant as they are in charge of many large departments, including reception staff, housekeeping and restaurant/bar facilities.

What are the qualities of a great general manager?

Someone looking for a restaurant general manager job should have experience as a general manager or similar managerial position. In addition, this person should have strong leadership skills, including communication, the ability to delegate responsibilities, and be a confident decision maker.

They should have experience in planning and budgeting, a working knowledge of a restaurant’s functions and business processes. The ability to solve problems is incredibly important, as is your ability to work with every employee in the establishment. This may include coaching and training functions.

As both a restaurant and hotel are extremely busy environments with unexpected situations, they will need to have a positive attitude, no matter what happens on shift.  This is the same, regardless of whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary position.

How much does a general manager earn?

A restaurant general manager’s salary sits between £21K-£41K, depending on the size of the restaurant. A hotel general manager’s job has a wider salary range, as it will heavily depend on the size of the hotel and the number of people the person is responsible for. In the UK, the salary can range between £25K and £73K.