Looking to hire a PA? Three reasons why human recruiters reign supreme over AI

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While AI is forecasted by many to be an impactful trend in the recruitment process[1], when hiring a PA, it’s important to remember that the human touch is still integral in finding the right candidate. We’ve outlined the areas that demonstrate how human recruiters reign supreme in candidate selection, and why your recruiter can ensure the right fit for your business.

Recognising personality fit

When hiring for a personal assistant role,  it’s important to take both professional and personality fit into account. As their function involves supporting senior management staff, finding a candidate with the right personality match is essential. An experienced personal assistant recruitment consultant will be able to make decisions about a candidate’s personality to ensure they suit your existing office fit. For example, if a candidate communicates quietly and seems withdrawn in their body language, a good recruiter will never send them to a workplace where they will be supporting outspoken, straight-to-the-point management styles. AI, by contrast, might struggle to gauge these personality differences.

Identifying soft skills

A personal assistant’s soft skills may not always be obvious from their CV, but they could prove to be integral to a role. A recruiter will be able to gauge a PA’s transferrable attributes, such as emotional intelligence, leadership traits and communication style from an initial face-to-face registration. A PA will also be savvy to the ways of the city, including transport, food and gifting options: characteristics that are also important when supporting management. A recruiter can quiz a candidate on this knowledge in a meeting, whereas AI is not able to determine these when screening CVs and asking templated multiple-choice questions.

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Where AI and the human touch can work together

While AI can’t replace humans in the recruitment process, consultants are beginning to utilise the technology to make their recruitment process more efficient. One way this happens is through advanced candidate testing like gamification, which evaluates a PA’s actions in real-life situations.

For example, a PA may be required to organise conflicting meetings and calendars across multiple time zones, so a test with reactive AI will help assess this. Artificial intelligence can also support HR managers and recruiters by pre-screening large numbers of CVs to speed up the process. However, the ultimate decision on a candidate’s fit for a business remains very squarely with human recruiters.

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[1] https://yourstory.com/mystory/6-ai-developments-in-recruitment-to-follow-in-2020

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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