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Looking for your new go-to resource on the topical issues faced by human resources staff? Look no further. Tiger’s HR Tales podcast, made for HR leaders across all sectors, delves into stories and insights from experts within the field, brining invaluable guidance to others tackling the same issues. Listen to previous episodes on Apple and Spotify.

S1, E5 Tiger HR Tales: Intersectionality

This month, we chatted to Zainab Al-Farabi, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Teenage Cancer Trust. Zainab is a D&I specialist with a holistic approach to inclusion. Having come from a background in law, she decided to make the switch to the charity sector as it was more aligned with her passion for social justice causes. During the episode, Zainab shares her personal story and how it relates to intersectionality.

While some may believe it is just a buzzword, intersectionality is an essential consideration for HR professionals and businesses leaders in creating the D&I policies for their workplace.

During our chat, we touch on:

Listen to the episode below!

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Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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