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Lead Consultant for Tiger HR, Aseel Ibrahim, records a monthly HR podcast to provide guidance on topical issues for human resources staff. Aseel, as a CIPD Level Five certified HR recruiter, brings her own knowledge, wit and humour to her conversations with her guests, inviting them to share their stories and reveal their insights to help others facing the same issues. Listen to previous episodes on Apple and Spotify.

S1, E2 Tiger HR Tales: Diversity and Inclusion

This month, Aseel was joined by Pavita Cooper, Leading Talent and Diversity Expert and the Founder of More Difference, a talent and career insight business that works with organisations and individuals to promote and accelerate talent in all its forms. They discussed the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in recruitment and touched on sustainable initiatives HR professionals can put in place to ensure D&I isn’t a passing phase. During the chat, they touched on:

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