How Tiger Platinum, executive search division, can help you find the right hire

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At Tiger, our experience in service-led recruitment of senior business support staff is something we pride ourselves in. After almost two decades establishing ourselves as one of the best PA recruitment agencies in London, we felt it was a natural next step to launch our retained executive search division, Tiger Platinum Executive Search, in 2019. Below we break down how our executive search arm can help you find the perfect hire.

What is an executive search service?

An executive search service is one that clients enlist when they want to target both active and passive jobseekers (those who aren’t actively job-seeking) to find the right person for a role. Surprisingly, these passive jobseekers make up 80% of the workforce[1], which means that an executive search service can access a larger pool of talent to find the right person in the market (not just the best active job seeker).

Clients usually reach out to executive search firms when they need to fill a senior-level role, and they want an industry expert recruiter with an extensive network to invest time in truly getting to know the company, position and the candidates that will suit. Executive search recruiters will also approach these candidates on a company’s behalf in a discrete manner, whether they’re based internationally or at home. In the context of Tiger Platinum, we focus on roles such as C-suite level executive assistants, board EAs, business assistants, corporate and private chiefs of staff and senior operations manager roles.

The Tiger Platinum difference

Our executive search division is headed up by Alice Wilson, an executive search consultant with extensive business support recruitment and financial services experience. When dealing with our clients, Alice (or one of our executive search recruiters) will sit down with you to formulate a bespoke searching methodology and market map, as well as develop pre-screening requirements and behavioural interviewing questions specific to your needs. This will vary for every requirement, and may well mean our consultants conduct first-stage interviews for you.

On the candidate side, our executive search recruiters meet every person face-to-face, which means we get to know and understand their unique motivations. We will also brief every candidate in person. This helps us to ascertain their enthusiasm, mitigate any concerns head-on and of course, convey all aspects of the position description and company.

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The process

You will partner with one dedicated executive search consultant throughout the process, from taking a face-to-face brief to the onboarding stage, and beyond. Once the brief is taken and our consultant has taken the time to understand your business’ needs and fit, we will conduct market research and extensive searches for the perfect hire. You’ll have access to candidate testing beyond the usual Microsoft Office and typing speed tests, including arithmetic, logical reasoning and vocabulary testing, among others. We also offer pre-screened references on your behalf. Throughout the interview process, we will be in daily contact with the candidate to make sure we can deliver interview feedback and updates on changes to their availability and other interviews. Once the offer has been accepted, we’ll stay in touch with you and your new hire to aid with the transition and any onboarding processes.

The benefits

When you enlist Tiger Platinum, you will have access to both active and passive job seekers. In the current candidate-short market, this has never been more important as it’s likely that the best person for the role won’t be searching and actively applying for roles. In addition, an executive search service usually specialises in a particular role or industry, which means they will be well-networked among high-calibre candidates in your field. In our case, we have been recruiting senior-level business support roles since 2001, so are extremely well placed to tap into our networks and source the right candidates.

As our service is retained, it’s extremely tailored and personalised to fit our clients. Our Tiger Platinum consultants will take the time and all available resources to take an exhaustive approach to finding the right candidate. It also allows us to exclusively manage the sometimes tricky relationship between you and the candidates and navigate negotiations with packages or paperwork.

If you’d like to learn more about Tiger Platinum or the executive search process, contact Alice Wilson today.


Rebecca Siciliano Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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