Looking for extra assistance while in lockdown? A private PA can help!

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We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Ensconced in our houses, it can feel a little at the moment like time has stopped. However I predict, within a matter of a few weeks, an urge to get back to some sort of normality will arise. That’s where hiring a private PA may come in handy more than ever before. Below, I’ve outlined how a private PA might just be the perfect solution to assist with your personal or business needs while in lockdown.

Supporting your household in times of need

Private PAs are organised, tenacious, creative and adaptable individuals. Unlike a secretary or EA who is used to working in an office every day and following a fairly set structure, a private PA is accustomed to working in any environment. This often means working remotely, so they’re experts in working on a wide and varied range of requests to support the smooth running of your private life. A private PA can literally work from everywhere – all they need is a phone, laptop and their trusty black book (a prized possession of any private PA)! This is the type of support you need during this period of uncertainty – someone who isn’t fazed by weird and wonderful ways of working!

This is the type of support you need during this period of uncertainty – someone who isn’t fazed by weird and wonderful ways of working!

How can a private PA help during lockdown?

Private PAs can assist with a range of tasks from a remote location, including managing household admin such as sorting out utilities, research and virtual errand running. As so many tasks can be completed without the need to be physically present, they can use technology such as Facetime and Zoom to connect with you if they need to see what tasks are to be completed.

Alternatively, you may find that being at home has highlighted all the extra jobs that need to be completed! Perhaps you’re working with your children at home and need someone to keep them educated and entertained? An extra pair of ‘remote’ hands may be just the thing you need to ensure everything is up and running while the family is at home.

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The process of hiring a private PA

We have an amazing array of private PAs who cover a wide range of languages, global locations and skillsets. They really are one of the most adaptable members of staff you can hire. At Tiger Private, we have exceptional candidates available on a permanent or temporary basis, including those wanting to work on a short-term contract.

Once you call in your brief, we will search our database to present you with your bespoke shortlist. We know how important it is to find a private PA with the right personality fit and we take this into account when selecting our top candidates. So, whether you’re looking for someone to help run errands while you’re at home, or need some assistance in reorganising travel plans or meetings, a private PA can help.

Tiger Private is one of the leading private PA recruitment agencies in London. To learn more about how a private PA can help you remotely, please feel free to contact us today.

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