Five reasons you should consider a career as a receptionist

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The role of the receptionist is one that’s often overlooked by candidates as a long-term profession. But with the right company, career-receptionists can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career. We meet a number of front office candidates looking to progress into secretarial jobs for example, but it would be worth having a conversation with us about the alternative reception roles we’re advertising. As specialists across both receptionist and PA recruitment in London, and we can confirm that both careers offer vast and wide-ranging opportunities! These are five ways reception roles offer rewarding and long-standing livelihoods:

1. You’ll make friends with everyone

Being on the front desk means you’ll see and speak to everyone, from senior management down. People love nothing more than to get away from their desks and stop by reception to say hello. Your role is the unifying link or common thread across the whole business. You’ll never be out of the loop and will have one eye on all major events occurring across the different business units.

2. You won’t be limited by your job description

Where many role descriptions in a company rarely extend beyond the scope, the receptionist role requires flexibility and an ability to adapt to new situations. You’ll often find yourself working across several different business units, interacting with a number of colleagues and learning about the business from a unique perspective. It also means you act as a central information hub upon which your colleagues will rely heavily.

3. You make a difference

Whether it’s a nervous candidate waiting to be called in for a big interview, or an important client that requires reassurance, you can help to alleviate any concerns from those needing words of encouragement. You are critical to external parties enjoying a positive experience of the business and to the smooth running of the office. Without you, things would very quickly start to crumble!

4. You’re the face of the business

It’s up to you to create a welcoming atmosphere and a positive first impression for all clients and visitors. Your role as brand ambassador is vital; typical responsibilities might include face-to-face meet and greets, screening phone calls or helping with enquiries, setting appointments for your colleagues, and meeting room management. Successful career-receptionists understand the value of good judgement, diplomacy and etiquette.

5. Earning potential

Think receptionists are at the bottom of the salary pile? Think again. Our clients value career-receptionists and as such, reward them with a package commensurate with their skillset and level of experience. While it’s true that some companies might see the receptionist’s role as an initial stepping stone before moving behind the scenes and up the ladder, equally there are businesses requiring a stable and consistent face to represent their front of house – and they will reward you with all the benefits, bonuses and salary you’d hope to earn in a profession you love.

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Kat Martyn Author Kat Martyn Tiger Recruitment Team

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