Earning your seat at the table: overcoming obstacles to succeed as an assistant

A Private PA is holding a credit card and typing on a laptop.

In May, join us as we host an empowering session on overcoming obstacles as an assistant from an underrepresented group! Our three exceptional speakers are experienced PAs and EAs who will share their tips and advice on starting your career and climbing the ladder in any work environment. They will share their personal stories to help inspire you, even when you feel you are alone in the room. Tune in for a fantastic session!

Author Jess Campbell Tiger Recruitment Team

How to celebrate Mother’s Day in lockdown

This year, the vaccine roll-out will mean we can finally plan to celebrate special occasions in person! However, those in the UK will celebrate Mother’s Day, which falls on March 14th, under lockdown restrictions. While some may want to wait until they can see their mum in person, it doesn’t mean you need to put

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Tiger HR Tales: podcast for HR professionals

Lead Consultant for Tiger HR, Aseel Ibrahim, records a monthly HR podcast to provide guidance on topical issues for human resources staff. Aseel, as a CIPD Level Five certified HR recruiter, brings her own knowledge, wit and humour to her conversations with her guests, inviting them to share their stories and reveal their insights to

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