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How Tiger Virtual can transform your business

As technology continues to rapidly progress, so too does the way in which we work. The traditional 9-5 working week is a thing of the past for many as technology continues to give us the flexibility we need. Which is why, in 2010, we launched Tiger Virtual, our virtual services division, to complement our existing

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Five signs of workplace stress and how you can help to relieve it

While some stress is a relatively common component among many jobs today, there are professions that can cause tensions to rise more than most. Plus, people can simply respond differently to pressure. Sometimes, the signs are pretty obvious. In others, they’ll be better at concealing it and you won’t be able to tell at all.

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Four ways to hold on to your fantastic PA

You have probably had a few PAs support you over the years. Some have been great, others perhaps not quite such a good fit. It has taken a while to get there, but you have finally found… The One. They know your every move, can anticipate complications before they’ve a chance to eventuate, and manage

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Why return to work mums are invaluable to your workplace

A recent report issued by the European Commission revealed that fewer women are returning to work after giving birth compared with their European counterparts. It goes without saying that the potential pool of talent lost as a result could be huge. So why? Last year law firm Slater & Gordon surveyed over 500 managers on

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5 ways to increase productivity at work

Sometimes, it can be incredibly hard to get yourself into a productive rhythm. The sun may be shining or you may be finding it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Luckily, there are some very simple and extremely effective ways to increase your productivity within the work place. Manage your time Organise yourself.

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How to cope with redundancy

Unfortunately, redundancies are a part of working life. If it hasn’t happened to you, the thought of being made redundant might seem unimaginable and terrifying, and if it has, you will know that it is not terribly enjoyable. However, being made redundant doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you turn it around in

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Why and how you should train your administrative staff

So you have gone through the recruitment process to find the perfect PA, secretary, office manager or receptionist for your organisation, prepared the offer letter for the candidate and arranged a starting date. While you may be able to strike off recruitment off the list, your work is not done! Now you have a new

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Why a Virtual PA could be the ideal solution for you

Did you know Tiger has a virtual division? Our expert team can recruit for a range of virtual roles, including virtual assistants (VA), bookkeepers, assistants, payroll assistants and receptionists. No matter the role, a virtual worker recruited through Tiger is a high-calibre individual who is totally flexible and can work on short-term, long-term or ad

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