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The secret to preparing for behavioural interview questions

As we know, preparing for an interview is essential. It has a direct result in both your confidence and competence and ultimately, your performance. With competition for jobs on the increase, it makes sense to ensure you prepare for the different types of questions an interviewer may ask. Among these, behavioural interview questions are crucial

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Five of the best free online courses to complete during the pandemic

Free online courses for furloughed workers The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it many challenges for businesses, including a pause on a number of regular business activities. To help, the government created the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help employers furlough employees. This has resulted in many employees in business support roles finding themselves on

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WATCH – Perfecting your CV from the top down

Are you looking for a little extra help with your CV? Tiger’s Director and Head of the City Office, Angela Lopes, reveals her tips to creating a perfect CV,  so you’re ready to find your dream role when things are back in full swing. She covers: What a good CV looks like Common CV mistakes

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Desk assistants, these five tips will help you with work-life balance

It’s no secret that desk assistants have incredibly busy schedules. Based on the trade floor, you’re often pulled in several directions and interrupted multiple times a day. Organising diaries, combined with extensive travel coordination AND trying to squeeze in a presentation on a deadline can provoke stress and anxiety for many. We meet a number

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